Updated 02 April 2019

Information about subscriptions

This article explains some of the general information you need to know about subscriptions, like what they are, where you can find a record of signing up and why you won’t find it in your download list.


What is a subscription?

A subscription is an entitlement to a service that is attached to your account and usually automatically renews. Access is usually available while the subscription is active, but is lost if you cancel automatic renewal or miss a subscription payment.

Sometimes a subscription includes an entitlement to content that you can download as well as access to online features. For example, when you subscribe to PlayStation Plus you can download Monthly Plus Games for no extra charge and you can play synchronous games online with your PlayStation 4. If your subscription does not renew for any reason you will lose access to your Plus Monthly Games and will not be able to play online with your PlayStation 4. You can find our more information about PlayStation Plus here.

What’s the difference between a subscription and a season pass?

Subscriptions are services that you pay for at set intervals. For example, you can sign up for PlayStation Plus so that it renews every month, every three months or every year.

You will usually be asked to add your credit or debit card information to your account and we will switch on automatic wallet top up when you sign up for a subscription so that it can automatically renew. This means that you can only sign up for an automatically renewing subscription through a master account. You can sign up for a non-renewing subscription using voucher codes purchased in store if you have a child account (check voucher terms to make sure it does not renew before redeeming on the child account).

Season passes are one-off purchases that entitle you to specific content or to game add-ons or episodes released over a set period of time without paying again or at a discounted rate. See the article about season passes for more details.

Where do I find a record of my subscription?

Subscriptions are not shown in your Download List/Library because they cannot be downloaded. Active subscriptions are attached to your account and entitle you to access certain services or content unless the subscription becomes inactive.

Go to [Service List] on your PlayStation system or [Media] > [Videos/Games/Music/Applications] on the account management website to check that your subscription is active and when it will next renew/the expiry date. You will also find a record of the original purchase on your Transaction History (if you originally signed up through a free trial this will show as a free purchase).

If you would like step by step instructions, select the device you will be using:

How do I cancel a subscription?

If you want to cancel automatic subscription renewal, go to [Service List] on your PlayStation system or [Media] > [Videos/Games/Music/Applications] on the account management website. Go to How to cancel a subscription for more detail.