Updated 05 June 2017

Information about season passes

This article explains some of the general information you need to know about season passes; like what they are, where you can find a purchase record and why you won’t find it in your download list.


What is a season pass?

A season pass is an extra service attached to game or video title which, after you have purchased it, allows you to get selected content from PlayStation Store at a discount or at no extra cost. Content provided with a season pass is yours to keep as long as you have it on your Download List/Library or it is available through PlayStation Store.

For example, if a game has a number of expansion packs that are scheduled for release over the next year, you can buy the season pass with a one-off payment.  This entitles you to download all of the expansion packs included in the season pass without paying, instead of paying for each pack as it gets released.  

What’s the difference between a season pass and a subscription?

Season passes are one-off purchases that entitle you to a specific set of discounted or free content (for example game add-ons or TV episodes) released over a set period of time.

Subscriptions are services that you pay for at set intervals. See the article about subscriptions for more details.

Season passes can be bought on either a master account or a sub account (subject to content age ratings).

How do I add a season pass to my account?

The season pass itself doesn’t need further action once you have paid for it, as it automatically adds the entitlement to the included content to your account, but you will usually need to add the content to your Download List/Library yourself by finding it in PlayStation Store. Add the content to your cart and complete the transaction if the right price is shown to add the DLC to your Download List.

Please note that you can sometimes buy season passes before any of the content is available so check the release dates of any content with the developer if you cannot find it on PlayStation Store.

If, when you reach the store checkout, it looks like you will be incorrectly charged for content, check the following:

  1. Follow the instructions under Where do I find a record of my season pass?’ to make sure that  has been applied to your account and has not expired.
  2. Check the season pass product description carefully to find out exactly what you should get.

Where do I find a record of my season pass?

Season passes are not shown in your Download List/Library because they cannot be downloaded. They are attached to your account to entitle you to download certain content for free or at a discounted rate.

Go to [Service List] on your PlayStation system or [Media] > [Videos/Games/Music/Applications] on the account management website to check that your season pass has been correctly attached to your account or to find out when the entitlements related to it expire.

If you would like step by step instructions, select the device you will be using:

The content that the season pass entitles you to will appear on your Download List/Library once you have added it from PlayStation Store.