Updated 09 March 2020

PlayStation Video compatible devices

Learn which devices and PlayStation systems you can use to view your videos.

The PlayStation Video service will no longer be available on web browsers from 17/12/19. PS Video content can be purchased and viewed via PS4 and the PS Video Mobile App (Android/iOS). PS Video content purchased before 15/05/18 is playable from PS3 My Videos until the end of the respective entitlement window. Movie and TV show content purchases made on other PlayStation platforms are not playable via your PS3.

See the table below for an overview of the PlayStation Video service on each device:






Video can be viewed in: HD/SD

Android Tablet or Smartphone
Video can be viewed in: SD


iPad or iPhone
Video can be viewed in: SD

Compatible Bravia TV, Blu-ray player or Android TV
Video can be viewed in: HD/SD

*Older Xperia models may not support streaming without a Wi-Fi connection. In this case use the download option.

  • Video formats may not be compatible with the device you are using to access PlayStation Store. For example, you can purchase HD video on PlayStation Store, but some devices may only support SD playback. Check compatibility before completing your purchase.
  • The movies available on PlayStation Video are only available for viewing from your account on compatible devices. In no circumstances can you move rented or purchased content to a DVD or external memory unit.

Unsupported PlayStation Video devices

The following devices did support PlayStation Video playback and/or purchase options in the past, but are not currently supported. In individual instances you may still be able to play back content on these devices if you purchased it on the same device before the support was discontinued.

  • PS3
  • PS Vita / PS TV
  • Windows PC via Web browser
  • Mac via Web browser
  • Media Go software on Windows PCs

How to view PlayStation Video content

You can view PlayStation Video on any of your compatible activated devices by selecting [PlayStation Video] > [My Videos]. The number of devices you can activate on your account for a content type is limited: 

Device type Number of devices you can activate on PSN
PS4 No limit
Compatible Bravia TV, Blu-ray player or Android TV No limit
Mobile devices Any seven of these devices

Please note that previously supported devices may still be activated for your account. Please refer to Device Deactivation support article for details on how to deactivate them.