Updated 02 October 2019

Streaming PlayStation Now games on PC and PS4

Find out how streaming PS Now games works on PC and PS4 and how to manage save data between PS Now streamed games and downloaded PS Now games on PS4.

Which PS Now games can be streamed?

All PlayStation Now games can be streamed on PS4 or Windows PC (minimum requirements apply). PS Now games (PS4 and PS2) can only be downloaded to a PS4.


PS Now streaming resolution and sound

PS Now games are streamed from our servers to your PS4 or PC over an internet connection at a maximum resolution of 720p. Streamed games are available in stereo only and surround sound is not supported.

How do I save a streamed PS Now game?

Streamed games auto-save data to PlayStation Now cloud storage, which allows you to carry on streaming your game on any PlayStation Now compatible device. 

Game saves are not automatically transferred between PS Now games downloaded to your PS4 system and streamed PlayStation Now games on PC or PS4. To transfer a game save, please visit the guide below.


Can I use PlayStation Network features when streaming a game?

Streamed PS Now games are not compatible with:

  • The Share button and Share functionality
  • Video chat
  • PS4 keyboard motion input
  • Share Play
  • Broadcast
  • PS VR
  • PS Camera

Why is there a queue for the game I want to play?

Streaming users may be required to wait to gain access to certain titles during periods of high traffic.

If you’re ever in a queue on PS4, you can press the PS button to go back to the main menu and use any PlayStation 4 functions while you wait. You will be notified when you reach the front of the queue.

Alternatively, start downloading a PS4 game to your console immediately.