Updated 16 March 2018

How to get started with PlayStation Now on PlayStation 4 system

This article explains how to use PlayStation Now on your PlayStation 4 system.


What do I need to get started?

  • A steady broadband internet connection ranging between 5-12Mbps. The lower ping your connection has, the better.
  • A Sony Entertainment Network Account
  • An accepted payment method
  • A PlayStation 4 system
  • A DualShock 4 controller

How do I start playing a game?

Simply follow these steps to get started:

  1. Go to the PlayStation Now shortcut on the PS4 home screen or go to  [PlayStation Store] > [PS Now].
  2. Select 'Start Free Trial' to begin the 7-day trial period. Your first subscription payment will not be taken until the trial period expires, unless you decide to cancel.
  3. Perform the internet connection test. If your connection is not stable enough you will not be able to subscribe.
  4. When you've passed the connection test, select [Confirm Purchase].
  5. You can now select games to play in the PlayStation Now app. You may need to wait until you reach the front of the queue for some titles.

Where can I find previously played games?

You can continue playing your recently played PlayStation Now games straight from the PS4 home screen by simply selecting the game tile.

Your can also find a list of all your recently played games from within the PS Now app. Any games that you’ve played at least once are listed under [Play History] in order of last played.

How do START and SELECT buttons work on DS4 controllers?

We have mapped these commands to the touchpad. Click the left side for SELECT and the right for START, just like the DualShock 3 controller. Make sure that you click the touchpad as this will not work if you touch or tap it.

Can I do something else on my device while I’m waiting in a queue?

You can press the PS button to go back to the main menu and use any PlayStation 4 function while you wait. You will be notified when you reach the front of the queue.

Are there any limitations when playing PS4 games?

  • You cannot be signed in and/or streaming on two PS4 games at the same time. Even if you are watching Netflix on your PS4 and start a PS4 game on your PC, you will be disconnected from the PS4 using Netflix.
  • You can, however, be signed in on the PS4 while you stream PS3 games on PC. Basically, you can watch Netflix on your PS4 and play a PS3 game on your PC.
  • You cannot broadcast PS4 gameplay via Broadcasting.
  • You cannot use Share Play while streaming PS Now.
  • You cannot use Remote Play to any Remote Play device.