Updated 15 May 2017

How to report in-game behaviour or user created content

What to do if user created content or user behaviour is spoiling your gaming experience.


When to send a report

You can report inappropriate content or behaviour and also report users who are cheating. Check the rules for the game you are playing to find out if something should be reported.

What happens when you send a report

Most games with online play have reporting options. Your reports go directly to the game developer for them to take action.

If the game was published by SIE our Moderation Team members view the reported content. This is not an automatic system; the people in our moderation team work 24/7 checking reported content, investigating, and taking action against users who don’t stick to the Community Code of Conduct.

How to send a Report

To report anything you see in game press the Options button on your controller and follow the instructions. Every game is different so the steps you take will be different for each game. Check on the game developer's website for more detailed information.

We can’t list all of the games and their developers here, but some of the most popular include the following:

Tournament Conduct

If you disagree with the result that your opponent reported send them a message to see if you can politely work out the issue between you. If this doesn’t work select [Go to Support Page] on the Tournament detail page so ESL’s human moderators can investigate further and possibly change the result.

See more information on ESL’s help pages.