Updated 10 December 2019

Community Code of Conduct

In this article you can learn about the Dos and Don’ts of using your account, as well as suspensions and bans which can be applied to your account for not adhering to these guidelines.


Code of Conduct.

You and your Child Family Members must follow our Code of Conduct in all dealings with us and other members of the PSN community.

✓ Be inclusive. PSN is for everyone over 7, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, nationality, colour, immigration status, social and economic class, educational level, size, family status, political belief, religion, and mental and physical ability or any other attribute that people use to label others or divide communities.

✕ Do not use or promote hate speech.

✕ Do not threaten, harm, or alarm anyone.

✕ Do not bully, harass or stalk anyone.

✓ Be sensible. Obey the law.

✕ Do not be vulgar or offensive.

✕ Do not encourage anyone to hurt themselves or someone else.

✕ Do not threaten, condone, perform or promote any illegal acts.

✕ Do not impersonate anyone else.

✕ Do not infringe anyone’s privacy or defame them.

✕ Do not infringe anyone’s intellectual property.

✓ Be patient and considerate. Be kind. Remember you were new once too. You can help make someone’s early gaming and community experiences good ones.

✓ Be respectful. We know you can’t all agree, all the time. Disagree respectfully or walk away.

✓ Be a player. Help each other out. If you find a vulnerability in the PSN or a Product, tell us so we can fix it, keeping you, others and our company safer.

✕ Do not be disruptive.

✕ Do not cheat.

✕ Do not use any bugs, glitches, vulnerabilities or unintentional mechanics in Products or the PSN to get an advantage.

✕ Do not share, buy, sell, rent, sub-licence, trade, transfer, phish for or harvest any accounts or account details or other credentials.

✕ Do not spam anyone.

✕ Do not forward recommendations or offers to your contacts without their permission.

✕ Do not use the PSN or any of its Products for, or associate them with, any commercial activity.

✕ Do not do anything to bring the PSN or PlayStation into disrepute.

✓ Be Discreet. Keep it decent. Things you say and do online affect other people and have real-world consequences. Think before you post anything online. Beware that information you put online can spread and may be seen by people you didn’t expect would see it.

✕ Do not reveal personal information about other people or yourself. It makes you and them more vulnerable. Personal information includes phone numbers, email addresses, and real-world addresses like your home, school or temporary location.

✕ Do not share erotic or pornographic imagery.

✕ Do not share any image of another person without their consent.

✓ Help us ensure PSN is the best place to play. Always use common sense and good manners. If you see someone else misbehaving:

Report them to us using our contextual grief reporting tools. If you use the most proximate grief reporting tool, when you submit the report, you can send us applicable evidence to help us assess your report.  Of course, this means other people can grief report - you and your content too. For more information on grief reporting please visit www.playstation.com/safety.

If you engage with them, stay calm and respectful. Lead by example and don’t breach these Terms yourself.

✓ Follow any specific Rules for each Product.

What types of suspensions are there, and what do they mean?

If your account or PlayStation system has been suspended, you will receive an email at the address associated with your account within 24 hours explaining the reason and how long it will last. We cannot provide more details either in this email notification or later communications for legal reasons.

You will see an error code when you attempt to sign-in to PlayStation Network if your account or PlayStation system has been suspended. Please see the table below for more information about error codes:


  Error code Type suspension
PlayStation 4


Account suspended


Console suspended


Console suspended



Account suspended




Console suspended



User suspended


PlayStation 3


Account suspended



Account suspended


Account suspended


PlayStation Vita ou PlayStation TV


Account suspended


Account suspension

Account suspension means that you cannot use your account to access PlayStation Network for a set amount of time. 

Other users with their own local accounts on the same system can use their account as normal.

If an account has been suspended, we will not refund you for any unused period of subscriptions or any unused wallet funds in line with the SEN Terms of Service.

PlayStation system suspension

Console suspension means that your PlayStation system has been stopped from accessing PlayStation Network for a set amount of time. 

No users may use PlayStation Network with their local account on the system.

If a PlayStation system has been suspended, we will not refund you for any unused period of subscriptions or any unused wallet funds in line with the SEN Terms of Service.