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Bans and suspensions on PlayStation Network

How do I find out the reason for a ban?

Check the notification email sent to your Sign-in ID email address. Please note that Customer Support can only tell you the general reason for the ban or suspension, as shown in the notification email, and will not enter into further discussion.

If you find that you have been banned but have not been sent a notification email, please contact customer support. To find the appropriate number, type “ban” into the search bar here and follow the on-screen instructions.

I have bought a second-hand PlayStation system that is banned. Can the ban be lifted?

Once a PlayStation system has been banned the decision is final and cannot be reversed. This is because bans on PlayStation systems and accounts are responses to the most severe behaviours.

PlayStation and Sony Entertainment Network recommend only purchasing new PlayStation products from reputable retailers in order to avoid buying banned systems. If you have purchased a banned PlayStation system, please contact the retailer for help.

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