Updated 10 September 2015

The PlayStation Vita system cannot obtain location data or the data is incorrect (Wi-Fi model)

This article explains what to do, if you are experiencing problems when trying to obtain location data on your PlayStation Vita (Wi-Fi model).


Location data is obtained by using Wi-Fi location service.  To obtain location data using Wi-Fi information, an Internet connection is required in the Wi-Fi location service area.

In the "Address lookup" field, try to enter a post code from the region in which you want to obtain location information.

You cannot obtain location data outside of the service area.

For Wi-Fi positioning in location data information, the PlayStation Vita system uses Skyhook's method of obtaining location data.  Skyhook's Wi-Fi location service enables a location to be obtained by linking "access points" and "access point locations," which are registered in Skyhook's database. Any access point for which the MAC address is known such as one for an individual residence can be registered in the database.