Updated 20 June 2017

PS VR: Watching 360 YouTube Videos

How to watch 360 videos on YouTube through your PS VR headset.

  • Make sure the YouTube app is updated.
  1. Go to [TV & Video] on the content launcher and highlight the YouTube app.
  2. Press the Options button on your DS4 Wireless Controller to open the app menu.
  3. Select [Check for Update]. Your PS4 will start downloading the update.
  4. Restart the app to install the update.

If the app isn’t updated you might see error code NP-31739-3.

  • Select a 360 video to watch.

If your PS4 detects that your PS VR headset is connected and powered up you’ll usually be prompted to select the mode in which you would like to watch YouTube:

Normal: You can watch normal videos in Cinematic mode.

VR: You can watch 360° videos.

Go to youtube.com to browse the current selection of 360 videos (you can’t view 360 videos through the PS4 web browser).