Virtua Tennis 4

  • PS3

Grab a PlayStation Move controller and become a top tennis player.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Developer: Sega-AM3
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    • Choose your contender from an all-star line-up of tennis legends and relive tennis history.
    • Experience the drama as you build up your match momentum gauge and revel in your form as your player grows in confidence.
    • Stereoscopic 3D mode looks stunning and allows you to judge and time your shots with unprecedented accuracy.
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    Sun, sea, success

    Sun-drenched drama plays out with every shot of Virtua Tennis 4, the game on PlayStation 3 that puts you in the sports shoes of a rookie player trying to make a name on a glittering world stage.

    Arenas are depicted in dazzling colour and detail, whether you’re pushing your player to the limit in one of the quirky training games or steadying your nerves before the decisive point of a grand slam championship. This is tennis in carnival mode, complete with ocean liner exhibition matches, clay surfaces the colour of Seville oranges and nail-biting championships played out on lush courts under cloudless skies.

    Upbeat music and the excited gasps of the crowd keep up the party atmosphere, while you can kit your player in sports gear for every occasion using your winnings from the World Tour mode.

    Stereoscopic 3D support adds to the flair of Virtua Tennis 4. By connecting your PS3 system to a 3D-ready TV and donning 3D compatible glasses, you’ll see the play unfold with pinpoint accuracy. Unreachable cross-court volleys can be judged to perfection while serves seem laser-guided as they kick up chalk dust, giving your opponent no chance.

    See how good times and sporting glory can sparkle in Virtua Tennis 4 on PS3.

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    Making a real racket

    What turns a good tennis player into a world beater? Power, precision and perseverance, certainly. Not to mention catching chickens, playing cards and lobbing explosives at an opponent.

    Virtua Tennis 4 sharpens your skills using these activities as training mini-games to strengthen your player’s core skills. As you chase hens, you increase defence. Hitting cards to form a winning poker hand increases tactical flair. And smashing bombs back and forth improves your shot selection – understandably.

    These offbeat sessions prepare your player during the World Tour mode, where an innovative map encourages a strategic route through each season. Planning ahead is a must to ensure you don’t skip lucrative tournaments – and if you do miss out the big time, you can always play through again for an entirely new experience.

    Varying your timing and positioning on court reveals a barrage of winning shots, and whether you play as legends like Boris Becker, Stefan Edberg or Pat Rafter – all exclusive to PS3 – or your own starlet, it pays to experiment in early matches. 

    Combine your imaginative play with PlayStation Move, and you’ll have the entire World Tour quaking in their locker rooms. Subtle flicks of the PlayStation Move motion controller add bewildering swerve or top spin, while a smooth serving motion launches a rocket over the net and up the tour rankings.  

    Virtua Tennis 4 screenshot

    Everyone for tennis

    Gather your friends around and turn up the TV for an unbeatable sporting spectacle, as Virtua Tennis 4 invites everyone to chance their arm in a range of multiplayer modes.

    Authentic, top-level tennis can be recreated by heading to Arcade mode, where four of the biggest championships can be played out with up to three friends. Shoot-outs in London, New York, Melbourne and Paris add a truly international flavour – why not hold your own tennis festival to coincide with glitzy real life tournaments?

    Take light-hearted tennis one step further by playing in Party mode, the perfect place to unwind with the mini-games of Virtua Tennis 4. Save yourself the dilemma of trying to describe how you chased crazy chickens or played tennis-football by letting your friends try for themselves.

    With structured competition coming in the form of ranked, online matches – in singles or doubles mode – Virtua Tennis 4 has all bases covered, no matter how seriously you take the sport.

    Add PlayStation Move to the mix and you’ll be serving up the quintessential tennis experience on PS3. Just add strawberries and cream.

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