Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08

  • PS3

Team up with Tiger for the most realistic golf game ever, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 on PlayStation 3.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: EA SPORTS
  • Developer: EA SPORTS

    Take on the world in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 on PlayStation 3. For the first time, every portion of your game is recorded - from your opening drive on the first hole in Play Now mode to your final putt in the FedEx Cup Championship. You can also post your most amazing and unbeatable performances on EA Sports GamerNet, an interactive gaming hub that hosts user-created content online.

    Set the bar high by posting your top moments, and take on challenges set by others, to determine the world's greatest golfer once and for all. Whether you're uploading an unbeatable round or the craziest shot, take the world by storm with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08.

    • Put yourself in the game like never before by uploading real-life photographs of yourself, friends, and family to create in-game characters that look just like the real thing.

    • All-new Shot Confidence tracks your performance on every hole. Analyze past performance with the Confidence Meter to identify strengths and weaknesses before every shot
    • Record everything from your greatest rounds to crazy, awe-inspiring shots, then post each challenge on EA Sports GamerNet for the world to beat.
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    Time for tee

    Ever wanted to share a golf course with Tiger Woods? With Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 08 and PlayStation Eye, here's your chance.

    There's a large amount of pedigree that comes with being Tiger Woods. Along with major golf championships, famous TV ads and world recognition, there's also the popular and consistently good PGA TOUR series which has skilfully putted gamers' high expectations time and time again. Well Woods will no doubt be happy to know Electronic Arts hasn't let him down in this roaring example of videogame golf.

    Tiger style

    Rather than initially overwhelming you with the wide range of options available, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 08 gently eases you into its world with numerous practice, tutorial and mini-game modes to introduce the skills and techniques needed to get the best out of the SIXAXIS Wireless Controller stick swing. But even to fans of the franchise, the game brings a fair few surprises in its already large caddy of features.

    Joining the addition of FedExCup courses such as Westchester Country Club and Cog Hill, are a batch of fresh players including J.B. Holmes and Natalie Gulbis, and the ability to record videos of every shot on every hole of your game. Then by going online, each moment can be uploaded to show off your skills to other players around the world, as well as entering tournaments and taking on challenges set by rivals.

    Also offering a novel slant to the vast number of PGA related competitions is the Bingo, Bango, Bongo mode, which awards points on a per hole basis depending on who's first on the green (Bingo), closest to the pin (Bango) and has the best score (Bongo).  It's a nice extra to an extensive package of golfing goodies designed to increase the variety of game types and keep you on the green for one more shot.

    Eye of the Tiger

    However, what's sure to be a real eye-opener is the Photo Game Face mode which uses the innovative PlayStation Eye camera to capture your face and implement it within the game to stunning effect. By simply taking a picture with PlayStation Eye (or uploading a photo), the game uses a friendly and comprehensive marker system to recognise the location of your various features, like nose, eyes and chin, and then generates a digital double to take on the world's best.  

    Naturally you can fine tune this to perfection, true to EA's comprehensive style, there's very little you can't adjust, with a massive amount of customisation, from changing your voice type to the sort of trousers you want to stroll around the course with, making for a brilliantly broad tool to truly put you in the game.

    King of the swingers

    The gameplay is comfortably familiar while remaining slick and addictive thanks to the intuitive controls and naturally adaptable challenge. That's the beauty of a Tiger Woods game; it can be as simple or as deep as you want, welcoming veterans and newcomers alike with its wide control options and play modes, all while looking utterly beautiful through lusciously smooth High Definition visuals that authentically create the atmosphere of the sport.

    Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 08 is the perfect addition to any golf fan's library, but also the ideal game to introduce those who have yet to experience the gratification of a golfing great. Take a swing at this and enjoy.

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