The Walking Dead™: Survival Instinct

  • PS3

Survive at all costs.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Developer: Terminal Reality
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    • Join crossbow-wielding Daryl Dixon and his overbearing brother Merle on a haunting, unforgiving quest across the Georgia countryside.
    • Tread carefully in the post-apocalyptic world as you scavenge for weapons and supplies.
    • Keep your wits about you to stay alive and remember: helping survivors can bring benefits – but not everyone can be trusted.
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    Back in time

    The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct is based on the cult TV series that pits a small group of human survivors against a population of zombies, nicknamed Walkers. As the group travel across America in search of a safe haven, they must find shelter, scavenge for supplies, rescue fellow survivors and fend off attacks from Walkers and the occasional human.

    The game is a prequel to the TV show and lets you play as fan-favourite and all-round tough guy Daryl Dixon. After seeing his father turned into a zombie, Daryl flees with his half uncle Jess. On their way to the apparent safety of Atlanta, they meet up with Daryl’s brother Merle en route – another popular character from the show.

    Throughout your journey, you’ll stop for supplies in several towns and meet other survivors who can help you as long as you carry out a task for them in return. Fans of the show will also be eager to see how Daryl acquires his trademark crossbow weapon.

    The Walking Dead Survival Instinct screenshot

    On the road

    The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct plays out like an action-packed episode of the TV show. There’s a pre-credits intro, complete with cliffhanger, in which you briefly take control of Daryl’s father before he’s turned into a zombie, followed by the familiar title sequence and theme tune. Fans of the show will feel right at home.

    The rest of the game faithfully follows the format, with Daryl slowly making his way across America in search of safety, teaming up with fellow survivors and battling small pockets of Walkers along the way. Adding to the authenticity, Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker reprise their roles as the resourceful Daryl and hard-bitten Merle Dixon, respectively.

    The places you encounter share the same things in common: they’re run-down, bleak and populated by Walkers with just a few humans holed up somewhere. Among the settings you’ll come across are spooky towns, an abandoned campsite, a lab and even a stadium for the final showdown against the Walkers.

    If you want to unlock various cheats from the main menu, such as unlimited ammo or silenced weapons, you need to find hidden collectibles as well as play through the game at least twice to rescue all survivors and visit all locations.

    The Walking Dead Survival Instinct screenshot

    Walking into trouble

    As you’d expect from an action game involving zombies, this isn’t for the faint-hearted. Still, there are plenty of weapons on hand to help your cause, including hammers, wrenches, guns and Daryl’s trusty crossbow.

    Walkers can sniff you out as well as seeing you, so the best way to complete missions and find supplies is by avoiding them altogether. When one zombie attacks or a gunshot rings out it often attracts a horde of others, and there’s little chance of survival when that happens. Other effective tactics are to sneak up behind a Walker and press the R1 button to perform an instant, soundless execution, or throw a bottle to distract a group of them so you can make a run for it.

    Between missions you must carefully manage your handful of survivors by equipping, healing and ordering them to either stay by your vehicle or take the riskier option of scavenging for ammo, food and petrol. You also choose which location to drive to next and by which route: back roads use more petrol but increase your chances of finding supplies, whereas taking the main highways uses less petrol but you’ll probably have to fight off Walkers.

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