Shrek Forever After - The Game

  • PS3

Team up with your friends in the ultimate Shrek game, based on the final movie in the series.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Developer: Gameloft
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    • Play with four friends as Shrek, Fiona, Donkey and Puss in Boots to outsmart, outfight and outplay the crafty Rumpelstiltskin.
    • Use each character's unique abilities and fighting moves to save the fairy tale land of Far Far Away.
    • Morph between Shrek's normal world and his alternate reality, and enjoy a mixture of problem solving and fighting gameplay.
    Shrek Forever After screenshot

    Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

    The attractive and distinctive style of the film is faithfully brought together in Shrek Forever After - The Game, with great use of the movie's scenes and music to create an authentic experience. The likes of Shrek's swamp and Dragon's Keep all retain their unique feel and presentation, helped by a cast who provide entertaining and convincing voices for the characters.

    Keeping things interesting from the very beginning is an effective tutorial which is well paced through the opening parts of the game to establish its key elements without too much handholding. Battles and basic puzzles are gently introduced, while the movie series' keen sense of humour keeps the tone lively.

    Fans of the film will find themselves right at home, while if you're new to Shrek, the excellent presentation will keep you more than engaged.

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    “Do you know the muffin man?”

    Shrek Forever After - The Game is a wonderfully comprehensive game chock-full of the characters you all know and love. The main characters you control in this adventure are the irrepressible ogre Shrek and his wife Fiona, the ever talkative Donkey and the slightly podgy and charismatic swordsman (or probably more accurately, swordscat) Puss In Boots.

    Their quest is to defeat the crafty Rumpelstiltskin, who has tricked Shrek into signing a pact which creates a twisted, alternate version of Far Far Away where ogres are hunted, Rumpelstiltskin is king and Shrek and Fiona have never met. With an ogre resistance force on the rise to battle the oppressive false ruler, you have to use all of the heroes' skills to emerge victorious - which means either swapping between the four characters in single player mode or having all four go on the rampage simultaneously in the multiplayer mode.

    Many of Shrek's other friends are on hand as well. The Three Little Pigs offer tutorial help, the Magic Mirror is able to temporarily transport you to the old, untainted world to get you past certain obstacles and even the Three Blind Mice put in an appearance as the resident puzzle helpers, dishing out clues to aid you with any brain-teasers which may have you stumped... albeit for a price. Did you ever see such a thing in your life?

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    Taking you Far Far Away

    Following the film's lead, Shrek Forever After - The Game is a bounding action adventure which takes you on a quest to defeat the wicked Rumpelstiltskin and his army. Blending a mixture of puzzle solving, treasure collecting and smashing a variety of enemies with fists, hooves and swords, the various lands of Far Far Away are yours to travel through.

    Success rests on your ability to make use of Shrek and his companions' unique powers and skills. As well as dispatching foes with their regular attacks, each character also has a special move to temporarily stun enemies, from the disarmingly cute purr of Puss In Boots to Donkey's painful singing voice.

    Each of the heroes also has a set of abilities to help solve the tricky puzzles you'll encounter. For example, Shrek can move heavy objects, Fiona can light explosive barrels without harm, Donkey can kick open gates and other items and Puss has the agility to climb up walls and leap across pillars. It's a nice gameplay element that breaks up the fun fighting in fine fashion, made all the better by areas which require ability upgrades and special items to progress and unlock previously inaccessible areas.

    Diverse, challenging and fun, Shrek Forever After - The Game offers a monstrously good time for fans of the film series and anyone just looking for a rampaging romp through the fairy tale land of Far Far Away.

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    “Pray for mercy from Puss... in boots”

    Teamwork makes the dream work in Shrek Forever After - The Game. In single player mode you can swap between the four main characters to make use of all their abilities, while in multiplayer mode three friends can join your side and the four of you can storm through Far Far Away simultaneously, acting as a team to smash Rumpelstiltskin forces.

    With four players, Shrek Forever After - The Game comes into its own, making battles riotous fun, while puzzles can be overcome with well oiled co-operation. For example, coming across a blocked passage means you may need Donkey to kick an oil barrel from a cart, Shrek can then move the heavy item into position, leaving it for Fiona to light the trail of leaked oil with her lantern and blow up the pesky obstruction, or Puss can launch an explosive item from a catapult. There are even some puzzles which can only be solved when more than one player is on-screen.

    Each of the characters are well utilised so no one feels like a left out ogre, making Shrek Forever After - The Game a brilliantly fun multiplayer game.

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