Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Conspiracy

  • PS3

Become the perfect weapon. Become Bourne.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: Vivendi Universal Games
  • Developer: High Moon Studios

    They made you the perfect weapon... now they want you dead.

    Taking place within the confines of critical and commercial big screen hit, The Bourne Identity, Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy gives you the chance to step into the shoes of one of the world's deadliest assassins as he confronts his past as an agent of Treadstone, a black ops arm of the CIA. Your job is to uncover what made Bourne "malfunctioning government property" who has now been forced on the run.

    Seamlessly switch from hand-to-hand combat, shooting and dramatic escapes in an intense, fast paced action experience that allows you to play in expanded scenes from the movie, including a daring rooftop escape in Zurich and a duel with lethal rival assassin, The Professor, as well as engage in missions from Bourne's enigmatic past.

    Immerse yourself in cat and mouse style espionage... and become Jason Bourne.

    • Experience becoming a 30 million dollar elite agent in a storyline that takes place before and during the smash movie, The Bourne Identity
    • Use the environment to execute devastating hand-to-hand takedowns based on Bourne's signature fighting style
    • Harness Bourne's heightened instincts to survive deadly escape and evade sequences
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    Bourne again

    The mysterious amnesiac named Bourne makes his videogame debut in an action adventure from the collective minds of Sierra. Is it as memorable as the acclaimed movies?

    When author Robert Ludlum created his tense spy fiction novel, The Bourne Identity, way back in the 1980s it's unlikely that he would have thought it becoming the trigger to a globally successful trilogy of films, each based on his books. Nor is it likely that he would have thought a videogame would dovetail into the Bourne mythology. However, if there's one thing that's clearly part of Jason Bourne's charm, it's his unpredictability - and that's something perfectly captured here...

    Matt Dam- waaaait a minute...

    The Bourne Conspiracy takes place between the cracks of the first film, allowing you to play a prelude of sorts leading up to the events of The Bourne Identity, missions from Bourne's past and certain parts of the movie itself, such as the daring bank escape across the rooftops of Zurich.

    It's a pleasing mixture of the familiar and the new which will instantly engage fans of the trilogy, filling in gaps of the character's history in various objectives that range from tracking down a rogue general to assassination of an important target. Set pieces from the film itself are also given a little artistic license to keep you on your toes as you move the plot forwards.

    In fact, the only thing missing is the likeness of Matt Damon (the actor who brought Bourne to life on the big screen), but as you'll swiftly discover this doesn't diminish the super tough special ops agent's ability to get the job done in a style that looks like it was taken straight from the Hollywood blockbuster. 

    Bourne slippy

    Shown in a third person perspective, the game offers impressive visuals as the assassin travels around the globe. The locations, such as the opening Marseille setting, are lavishly recreated and blend perfectly with the nicely animated characters - Bourne especially. 

    Likewise, the voice acting is very well done and the soundtrack builds a superb feeling of drama, as if taken directly from the films, changing to the context of the action on screen.

    However, it's the way all these elements combine with the gameplay that's especially striking. Developer High Moon Studios was obviously keen on trying to convey the franchise's energy into game form and is hugely successful through a seamlessly effective blend of action styles and dramatic flourishes.

    Become the perfect weapon

    Given the titular hero's tag as the perfect weapon, a lot of effort has been made to let you live up to that. While roaming the detailed environment, you'll inevitably engage in skirmishes, which is where The Bourne Conspiracy shines. Hand-to-hand combat looks and feels like the movie, using energetic camera shots and motion blur to convey dynamic and constant movement, while the controls give depth through various moves and blocks, making one-on-one (or even three-on-one) fights an edgy and engaging affair.

    What makes it special is the ability for Bourne to use his signature fighting style and environment to his advantage. When his adrenaline meter is high enough, Bourne is able to perform devastating takedown moves that can range from disarming and crippling an opponent, to using anything nearby (chairs, tables, walls... even books and microwaves) to push, slam and otherwise bounce your enemy off for additional damage. The more adrenaline you allow to build, the more foes you can eliminate in succession.

    This ability isn't limited to just ramming people's head's off railings and frying pans, either - takedowns can also be performed with guns, allowing for some spectacularly filmic moments as slow motion reloads and cross body shots are performed. The use of the game's real time engine for these sections (as well as its context sensitive do or die moments of daring escape and action) keeps everything slick and satisfying. Given that Bourne can also use adrenaline to kick in his heightened instincts and reveal objective markers, enemies and increase his gun accuracy, you truly do feel like a world class assassin.

    A blast from the past... and present

    With its well paced action, variation across driving, shooting and beat ‘em up mechanics, well thought out use of the film's narrative, high production values and excellent replication of the character and his abilities, The Bourne Conspiracy is a rampaging rollercoaster ride that is simply unforgettable for fans of the films. And if you're new to it all, don't worry - there's plenty here that will stick in the memory for a long time, too.

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