PixelJunk™ Shooter

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  • PS3

Explore a whole new world of PixelJunk based danger.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Q-Games
    PixelJunk Shooter screenshot

    PixelJunk Shooter places you in the cockpit of a subterranean exploration vehicle to investigate the interior of diverse cave-like complexes where you must affect the surrounding and dynamic terrain to progress.

    Safely navigate through each vivid stage and rescue survivors scattered about the cavernous environment, attempting to control various types of liquid, such as water and magma, and solid matter (including rock and earth) by destroying, manipulating or moving it.

    Strategy is paramount - a variety of enemies are out to get you while you attempt your rescue missions, and your craft is susceptible to overheating if you let it get to close to the hot liquids of the environment...

    • Experience addictive gameplay blended with hypnotic, stylised High Definition visuals and original music
    • Change the terrain and environment around you to shape your levels
    • Share your scores and game footage with the world with online rankings

    PixelJunk Shooter screenshot

    Simplicity is the key

    PixelJunk Shooter has been created in 2D, which makes it easy to pick up and addictive from the beginning.

    The continuous movement of natural elements is well animated and visually convincing. Bubbling lava emits a raging heat and floods of water pour through the landscape, which gradually create volcanic rock when combined. It is your job to create a reaction between the elements to benefit your mission.

    You may find that some scientists have been trapped below a sea of lava, and you will have to use water to turn it into soft volcanic rock. You can then blast your way through to reach your survivors.

    The game starts with challenges mainly based around lava and water, but later moves on to ice and natural gas which you will also have to manipulate. These elemental puzzles are the ticket to success in this brightly coloured underground environment.

    PixelJunk Shooter screenshot

    Going underground

    PixelJunk Shooter takes you on a journey across three underground worlds to save remaining scientists who have survived the endless volcanoes, missiles and monsters that lurk in this strange and unfamiliar environment.

    The game lets you explore each level with unlimited ammo, which you can use to kill your enemies and dig your way through walls of volcanic rock.

    Within this large labyrinth of lost people, you must manipulate earth, fire and water in order to recue your fellow humans. However, altering the landscape will have a direct effect on how you progress, so choose your path wisely.

    To add complexity, your ship will display a heat gauge, and you may find it overheating if you spend too much time close to the boiling lava. You can, however, take a quick dip in water to cool off if your ship starts getting a bit too hot.

    Along with killing bats, destroying lava-shooting monsters and dodging erupting volcanoes, there are also precious diamonds to be collected. Often hidden within the volcanic rock, they are essential to allow you to proceed to the game’s final area.

    PixelJunk Shooter screenshot

    Team up with a friend

    Along with the challenging single player mode, PixelJunk Shooter also boasts a two player option so that you don’t have to dive into the depths of the unknown by yourself.

    This co-operative mode allows you to progress through each level much quicker, as you both take on the role of combining elements, fighting monsters and saving stranded people. It is also possible for one player to rescue another if their ship begins to overheat, by pulling them to safety and guarding them while they cool off.

    If you are unfortunate enough to be hit by an enemy or destroyed by one of the natural elements, you will be ejected from the game for ten seconds. As long as one player is still alive, the game will continue, and you can progress to the game’s final stage together.

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