PATA, PATA, PATA, PON - get moving with the beat in the visually eye-popping and addictive adventure game exclusive to PSP.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Music and Rhythm / Adventure
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: SCEI
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    Patapon is a unique adventure for PSP, in which you lead a mischievous little tribe by beating out rhythms on your drums. Armed to the teeth with swords, spears and bows, these tiny people are lost without your reassuring beat.

    It is your job to lead your restless tribe on a quest to reclaim their lands and discover the mysterious Worlds End.

    • Lead your Patapon in over 30 different types of adventure, including hunting monsters, daring rescues and epic battles
    • Equip and upgrade your Patapon with everything they need to tackle their adventures
    • Perfect your divine rhythm with eight addictive and fun mini-games
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    Bang on

    Patapon hits all of the right beats on PSP.

    Original, innovative and iconic - that is Patapon in a nutshell. Its mix of stunning visuals and rhythmic action make it an odd nut, but one well worth cracking. Japan Studio has outdone itself with a game that is addictive, rewarding and above all entertaining.

    Patapon appears to have been developed with a strong nod to LocoRoco but the two games could not be more different. The rolling landscapes of LocoRoco and its gameplay are worlds apart from the rhythm based strategy of Patapon. Where these great titles share similarities is in their vibrantly colourful art styles.

    In Patapon you play the role of a deity, The Almighty, who must lead your Patapon followers through a variety of different missions. You guide these little one-eyed folk by using simple rhythms, tapped out on drums - the action buttons of PSP. Each rhythm is made up of a combination of four beats, for example: 

    PATA, PATA, PATA, PON - Advance
    PON, PON, PATA, PON - Attack

    When you get the beats right the Patapon will shout out encouragement and sing the tune back to you. Successfully sustaining a string of rhythms induces FEVER amongst your Patapon, increasing their effectives considerably. Miss a beat though and the Patapon will falter and heckle your lack of skill.

    Different types of Patapon and how you equip them add a strategy, almost RPG-like element to the game. Tatepon (defenders), Yaripon (hunters) and Yumipon (archers) are the mainstay of any tribal expedition, respectively equipped with axes & shields, spears and bows. To recruit these warriors you will need to discover and combine different items during your adventures and collect the money-like Ka-Ching. Using more exotic materials will create specialist subtypes, such as the flame resistant Gekolos or the defensive Mofeel.

    Missions in Patapon vary from hunting expeditions to pitched battles against rival tribes and great beasts, which will tower over your followers. In addition, many of these levels contain secrets or valuable resources that will entice you to replay them. Throughout all of this, the Patapon implore you to help them reach the end of the world and gaze upon IT. What the mythical IT is however is a mystery.

    Patapon is a very accessible but deep game - easy to learn but difficult to master. It will have you coming back again and again to explore more of the Patapon's world, and yes, you will be singing PATA, PATA, PATA, PON wherever you go.

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