Onimusha: Blade Warriors

Capcom assembles a cast of stars from the Onimusha series and pits them against one another in a full blown beat 'em up. Fight!

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Fighting / Action
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Developer: Capcom

    Sadly, the awesome looking Onimusha 3 reportedly marks an end to Capcom's sword-swinging, zombie-slaying adventure series. However, before the franchise is laid to rest later this year, various stars of the series will be duking it out in Onimusha: Blade Warriors, a four-player scrapper that takes the characters and combat mechanics of the Onimusha world and drops them into a frenetic beat 'em up.

    If, while working your way fearlessly through the hordes of Genma in the first two Onimusha games, you found yourself wondering who would win a stand off between Samanosuke or Jubei Yagyu, this is your chance to find out. But it's not just about the brightly shining stars of the Onimusha world; Blade Warriors also features members of the supporting cast, such as Kaede, Oyu and Kotaru. In amongst all the familiar faces, there are a number of characters exclusive to Blade Warriors, taking the total to an impressive 20 combatants. You can even skip over to the dark side and mix it up with fearsome Genma warriors like Marseras and Ju Ju Dooma.

    In the single player Story mode, you can pit your chosen hero or villain against an increasingly tough series of opponents. With each stage cleared, you earn points that can then be used to customise and enhance your warrior. As you progress, you'll also learn more about all of the featured characters, and uncover some of the mysteries left unresolved by the first two Onimushas. Complete Story mode with every character in the starting line-up and you'll unlock new weapons, stages and characters, including some very cool surprises.

    When you've finished crushing opponents in the solo campaign, you can take the fight to your friends; Onimusha Blade Warriors supports up to four players using the Multitap. Engage in fierce samurai showdowns with human opponents; prove your skills with a blade and suck the souls of vanquished enemies.

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