Mytran Wars

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Enjoy the epic conflict between mankind and the extraterrestrial Mytrans in this challenging strategy game.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Strategy
  • Publisher: Deep Silver
  • Developer: Stormregion
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    The epic conflict between mankind and the extraterrestrial Mytrans is reaching its peak. Enormously heavy battle robots have been amassed on the planet Phytar to win this battle once and for all.

    Only you have the power to determine the outcome of the battle. Pick a side, research new weapons systems and equip your units. Control your army in varied missions in a merciless war that will seal the fate of the universe.

    • Epic campaign with four different endings
    • More than 250 unlockable or researchable items on six tech-trees
    • Three multiplayer game modes for additional exciting matches    


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    Battle of the planets

    An epic quest to a distant and hostile planet to save the planet Earth awaits you in Mytran Wars.

    Fans of turn-based strategy games with a science fiction twist are in for a hugely enjoyable and deep experience with Mytran Wars, Deep Silver’s exclusive PSP offering from Stormregion, the development team behind the addictive and award-winning Codename: Panzers series.

    The futuristic tactical adventure takes place in the middle of the 23rd century where the people of Earth stand united under the rule of a series of mighty multinational corporations. All of its natural resources including fossil fuels and drinking water have been all but depleted save for a few minute traces scattered across the globe. Soon, there will be nothing left.

    Planet crackers

    With each of these mega corporations having invested vast amounts of money in space exploration there is no option left but to venture way out into the stars and beyond the solar system in search of new planets to extract the precious resources that mankind needs desperately if it is to survive.

    One of these planets is Pythar, the sole target of your mission into outer space. Primed for a wealth of extractions that can possibly save mankind from extinction, your goal is to dock on Pythar and begin crucial research and development under orders from The Kondor Corporation.

    Assisting you in your quest are hi-tech military armoured Mechs that will protect you as you traverse this strange and potentially dangerous new world. Naturally, you encounter resistance on Pythar and soon you find yourself thrown into a battle with the planet’s inhabitants, the Mytra, all the while continuously pressed to sate the growing need of mankind back on Earth, its resources at zero level.

    Mytran Wars’ epic story unfolds through a gripping narrative told via a series of graphic novel styled panels between its main characters Eli, Loki and Rachel, playing out with riveting plot turns and twists at every corner as you discover more and more about Pythar and its advanced race of beings.

    Tactical action

    Each of the stages features various maps of differing terrain for you to move around, and once you’ve located your next position using the directional buttons, you can then highlight your Mech and move to that location to attack your enemy. When attacking, you have the option to select which kind of weapon to use on an enemy, which is crucial to the amount of damage you can inflict on your opponent with each hit.

    Throughout each stage you’ll also have allies by your side, playing an extremely important part in tactical approaches to destroying enemies. For example, you can use an ally to gain the attention of your opponent and attack it from behind or from the side, inflicting much greater amounts of damage than a front-on attack.

    Plus, if you manage to keep your Mech units close to each other in battle, you gain a defence bonus, and if you can pull off a flank attack from two opposite sides your enemy’s damage reduction decreases, greatly increasing your chances of a quick takedown in battle.

    Multiple Mechs

    Once you’ve completed a mission you’re awarded a certain number of credits and research points depending on your performance on the battlefield, which can then be spent later on back at your base on upgrades and customisation. Besides each stage’s main objective there are also optional and hidden ones to complete too. If you successfully finish all three you’re awarded even more credit and research points to spend.

    There are also a number of multiplayer modes too which can be played Ad Hoc or using Infrastructure Mode including Last Mech Standing which drops you on a map with a limited number of Hotspots between each player. The goal is to ensure that you’re standing in one of these Hotspots at every third turn otherwise you’ll be destroyed. Other multiplayer modes include co-operative play where you can work with a friend to take down enemies while escorting team members to safety, and Deathmatch, which pits two teams of three against each other in a duel.

    For anyone looking for a hugely engrossing science fiction story as well as a deeply layered control system, Mytran Wars is one turn-based strategy game you won’t want to miss out on.

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      1-2 Players

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