Move Fitness™

  • PS3

Get fit, shape up and beat stress with PlayStation Move.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Coldwood Interactive
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    • Step into your own high-tech gym and start burning calories with your personal trainer.
    • Grab two PlayStation Move motion controllers and work out in an enjoyably active training programme tailored just for you.
    • Hit targets, perform punch combos and perfect your timing using the pinpoint accuracy of PlayStation Move.
    • Compete with friends online via PlayStation Network or work out together and compare stats to see who's progressing the fastest.
    • Design your perfect exercise regime on Facebook with the Move Fitness: Workout Planner.
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    NOTE: The game requires a minimum of two PlayStation Move motion controllers.

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    Fighting fit

    Move Fitness on PlayStation 3 is the perfect way to shoot basketball hoops, perform punch combos and play dodgeball as you get toned and into shape. From the minute you set up your Move Fitness profile, you'll feel like you've entered your very own personal gym -all in the comfort of your own living room.

    Your personal trainer will be on-screen every step of the way to give you tutorials, help and support to make sure you hit every target. There are four trainers to choose from, each with their own unique style, so select the one you think is best suited to you and start exercising. Take your pick from an energetic workout or a single exercise and interact with targets, basketball hoops and punchbags as they appear on-screen.

    Each routine is accompanied by an energetic soundtrack to get you moving. However, if you fancy using your own motivational music, create a playlist compiled of your own tracks. Whether you're a fitness fanatic or just want to tone up, Move Fitness is a great way to design a perfect workout plan that's tailored to your style, needs and preferences.


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    Get fit the Move way

    It's time to shape up and get fit from the comfort of your own living room with Move Fitness on PlayStation 3. You'll need to plug in your PlayStation Eye camera and pick up two PlayStation Move motion controllers - one in each hand.

    Step into your very own virtual gym and create your profile. Select a trainer and tell them a bit about yourself so they can tailor a workout that's perfect for you. Don't forget to check out the Tips & Hints section before you start throwing punches - it's full of great facts to ensure you get the most out of every punch, squat and lunge. Follow these steps and you'll feel fit and in shape in no time.

    Then, have a look at the workout programmes - each one is a fun mixture of different exercises. Tone up that stomach in Beach Body, kick-start your day with Rise and Shine or let off steam in Stress Buster. Each programme has different benefits and you can even decide the length you'd like to train for before you start, so you'll always have time to hit targets with the pinpoint accuracy of PlayStation Move.

    If you've got a favourite exercise or want to work on a particular muscle group, go to the Single Exercise section to try out each move individually. When you've found a few that suit you, why not create your own workout and put together a fitness plan that you love?

    After each workout, check out your personal stats and your fitness graph to see how many points you've scored and how many calories you've burned. Get fit and shape up with Move Fitness on PlayStation 3.

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    Healthy competition

    If you don't fancy training on your own, why not get some friends round and get toned together? Up to three other players can join you as you all take turns at completing a single exercise and compete for the top score. It's always good to have your friends nearby, whether it's for a challenge or support.

    Sign in to PlayStation Network to see which exercises your pals are tackling. You can share your scores so everyone knows which moves you've mastered. If you beat a friend's score, they'll receive a message to let them know, so keep practising, earn points and become fitter by the minute.

    You can also send out challenges for your friends to take on. If you think you're the best at Jumping Jacks or Squats, send a message and tell everyone about it. To see how everyone else is getting on, view the leaderboards and find out who's got the best score or who's burned the most calories.

    Get your hands on Move Fitness now, either on Blu-ray Disc or from PlayStation Store, and Move to a fitter you.

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