Become a big league player

Step up to bat in a stunningly authentic recreation of baseball – excusive to PS4. 


The best of baseball

Welcome to the show

Whether you’re in it for spectacular catches, the big hitting home runs or the heart-stopping steals, MLB The Show 18 delivers baseball just the way you like it. From fielding a roster of past legends and current superstars in Diamond Dynasty, to crushing homers with friends in Retro Mode, this is the game that has it all. 

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    Has Downloadable Content

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Key features

Enjoy a squad of improvements

Whether you’re new to The Show or a veteran on the field of dreams, expect a variety of impressive new features to the series, including a revamped hitting engine, dynamic crowds and over 1,000 new gameplay animations. 

Start your Road to the Show

Define your legacy in a robust, immersive RPG-style experience, where every decision - on and off the field - determines your unique path to greatness. And if you’re a The Show 17 pro, you can carry your progress over into this game. 

Go big in Franchise mode

Turn your favourite team into a powerhouse in the massive career mode – all without losing your hard-won progress from The Show 17, with the option to bring your saves across. 

Create a dream team

Build your ultimate roster in Diamond Dynasty, from a selection of 2,000+ current players, all-stars and baseball legends, including Babe Ruth, Ken Griffey Jr. and Aaron Judge. 


Baseball on your schedule

Get your sporting fix even faster than before, with quick and easy ways to start playing, with three-inning games, Quick Counts, Retro Mode, Critical Situations and Manager Mode.


See MLB The Show 18 in action

Videos and screenshots

PlayStation Plus

Beat the best

Make your pitch for glory against other online players around the world, with PlayStation Plus.  

Download MLB The Show 18 on PS4.

Download MLB The Show 18 on PS4.

PlayStation Plus required for online play


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