Medal of Honor™

  • PS3

There is a new enemy. There is a new war. There is a new warrior. He is Tier 1.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Publisher: EA
  • Developer: EA Los Angeles
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    • Experience an authentic portrayal of modern war as a Tier 1 operative.
    • Step into the boots of the world's most lethal soldiers in the most unforgiving conditions.
    • Dominate the battlefield in fast-paced online multiplayer developed by the award winning DICE studio.
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    The unknown soldier

    Over two million soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines wear the uniform. Within these ranks and operating under the National Command Authority (NCA), a highly specialized group of select warriors is called upon when the mission must not fail under any circumstances. These men are known as Tier 1 Operators. They exist on a plane above and beyond even the most highly trained Special Operations Forces.

    Their exact number, while classified, hovers in the low hundreds. They are living, breathing instruments of war and the perfect tools of destruction. They are experts in the application of swift and deadly combat.

    Welcome to the world of Medal of Honor, the stunning new entry in the acclaimed series that allows you to step into the boots of these military men and apply their unique skill set against a new enemy in the hostile and unforgiving battlefields of Afghanistan.

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    A little something extra

    Medal of Honor features a number of surprising extras that fans of the series are going to love. Firstly, the Limited Edition includes a tank full of goodies for you to use in-game, including the MP-7, a special pistol used by real Tier 1 Operators on the battlefield. There are also the TOZ194 and 870MCS shotguns, two powerful weapons that are perfect for close range combat, and the Spec Ops Class Camouflage, which is ideal for helping you disappear into the environment, especially in multiplayer.

    One of the best extras you're treated to is the original PlayStation 2 hit, Medal of Honor: Frontline. The 2002 game has been completely remastered in High Definition with improved graphics and is easily accessed from the main menu. Now you can relive the classic battles from PlayStation 2 on your PS3.

    The other great news is that inside Medal of Honor you'll find a special code that grants you access to the hugely anticipated Battlefield 3 multiplayer Beta trial, where you can provide feedback on DICE's latest instalment in its epic first person shooter series.

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    This brand new instalment of Medal of Honor on PlayStation 3 transports the action from its World War II roots into modern-day combat across a brutal and war-torn landscape. Set in 2002, Medal of Honor puts you in control of a number of soldiers from the Tier 1 Operations as well as a US Army Ranger and an Apache helicopter gunner.

    The combat in Medal of Honor is fast, and you will have an arsenal of weaponry available to you throughout the taut campaign including machine guns, pistols that contain infinite ammo and are perfect for getting you out of tight spots, shotguns, sniper rifles and some additional serious firepower such as rocket launchers and homing missiles. Suffice to say, you won't be short of ways to take down enemy troopers during some of the game's extremely intense shoot-outs.

    Throughout the course of the storyline you'll embark on a series of missions that vary in terms of objectives. One moment you might find yourself sneaking through mountains to locate a missing informant, and the next you're perched on a mountaintop firing a high-powered sniper rifle at invading enemies. You can also get behind the wheel of a number of vehicles as the story progresses, such as jeeps, motorbikes, ATVs and even a chopper.

    The only question is this: have you got what it takes to be Tier 1?

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    War is hell…online

    Medal of Honor's multiplayer modes were developed by DICE, the team behind Battlefield: Bad Company on PlayStation 3 and include Combat Mission, Team Assault, Objective Raid and Sector Control. Combat Mission requires you to complete five consecutive objectives to win the game. These range from something as simple as defending a downed helicopter through to tougher missions that require you to take out a series of mortar stations.

    Team Assault places you in a squad with 11 of your friends via PlayStation Network in a no holds barred battle. The goal is simple: take out your opponents, score the most points and emerge triumphant in the allotted match time. Objective Raid drops you into a team of 12 players once again, only this time you have to defend an area from swarms of opposing forces, while sending out troops to destroy two markers on the map using explosives.

    The final multiplayer mode in Medal of Honor is Sector Control, another team based game that pits you against your opponent in an attempt to earn the most points by taking possession of up to three marked areas on the map. The longer you hold an area, the more points you gain. Hold all three for long enough and amass the allotted score and you're the winner!

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