The world is your weapon

Manipulate the futuristic cities around you to take down enemy hordes.



PlayStation Exclusives
  • PS4
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Platform / Shooter
  • Publisher: SIEE
  • Developer: Housemarque

    The fightback starts here

    Control the Smart Matter

    Transport yourself to the vertical cities of a distant future and fight for control of a mysterious “smart matter” that is overrunning your world – and giving rise to hordes of matter infected enemies.

    Harness your aerial agility with extreme leaps and slides as you blast through relentless waves of foes. Use an arsenal of matter infused weapons to take down your enemies and manipulate the smart matter that surrounds you to use every environment to your advantage in epic locations including the Fortuna City, Hydroponics and Matter Mines.

    MATTERFALL comes exclusively to PS4 from Housemarque, creators of RESOGUN, Super Stardust: Delta and Dead Nation.

    • 1080p


    • Vibration Function

      Vibration Function

    • Remote Play

      Remote Play

    • Players

      1 Players


    A matter of life and death

    • Survive a unique combination of platforming and bullet hell action in a vertical city overrun by mysterious Matter.

    • Master aerial agility, sliding, leaping, Zero G flying and blasting.

    • Fight enemies infected by deadly Red Matter and manipulate Blue Matter to turn the environment to your advantage.

    • Perfect your performance in levels to rack up a higher score than your friends on the online leader boards.


    See it in action

    Videos and images

    Enhanced for PlayStation 4 Pro

    Take the fight to save the Earth to astonishing new levels. With enhanced visuals, you’ll see Matter flowing, glowing and exploding around you in staggering fidelity. 


    Download MATTERFALL on PS4.

    Download MATTERFALL on PS4.


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