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LittleBigPlanet 3: 8 top tips

Don’t get stitched up trying to save Bunkum – here are some pinpoint pointers to make sure you zip through nasty Newton’s tests.


1. Light up your life
Don’t keep Sackboy in the dark – if you can find it, our woolly wonder can use a rather brilliant torch, so look out for those hidden areas where he can shine a light on an otherwise secret prize.

2. Get up to speed
Wall jumping is a piece of cake to OddSock, the fastest and most agile of the new characters in LBP3. So while you’re blasting through her adrenaline filled levels, be sure to freestyle: you never know what you’ll find if you explore off the beaten track.

3. Take a flight of fancy
Noticed an area which seems a little out of reach? Then you’ve found the perfect place to take Swoop for a getaway. Glory and goodies await the most daring of Swoop players…  

4. Tip top Toggle
Toggle’s size changing talents are the key to finding even more secret areas. Big Toggle can push bulky objects, walk along river beds, weigh down heavy platforms and smash through fragile walls, while Little Toggle can leap longer distances, run fast and skip across water.

Use Big and Little Toggle in combination – jump on a spring pad while you’re heavy, then turn little to fire Toggle into high or far away areas – it’s the best way to discover those juicy secrets tucked away in Bunkum.

5. Blink and you won’t miss it
Some enemies may seem fierce, but they all have a weak spot. See that little bubble on their head or body? Bounce on that and your foe will change into a harmless mist. But what about the baddies which move so quickly that their bubble is just too difficult to reach?

The answer is Sackboy’s Blink Ball. Hitting an enemy’s bubble with one of the teleporting balls is just as effective as jumping on it, so blast away safe in the knowledge you don’t have to risk getting dangerously close.

6. Practise with Popit
Experiment in the Popit Planet to get comfortable with the Create mode. If you’ve never dabbled with creating in LBP before, trying your hand at Da Vinci and Victoria’s inventive challenges is the perfect way to dip your toes in the creative waters.

7. The power is in your hands
Have you got a cool idea for a power up? Then the Power Up Creator will be your best friend. Why not make a Pea Shooter that fires explosive green peas, or a sword which can summon an army of ghosts? Your imagination is the only limit.

And it doesn’t stop there. Head into Create mode and give Toggle, Swoop and OddSock a super powered boost, whether that’s turning them into a giant with eye lasers or warping one into a bomb dropping menace. Of course, the LBP Community are also on hand to deliver some of the most imaginative creations going, so check them out too.

8. Sharing is caring
In fact, for those that love to share their creative prowess with the world, LittleBigPlanet 3 on PlayStation 4 lets you share videos of your creations via LBP.me. Make fun 30 second movies that showcase your best levels to help out others or display your genius to the world. We can’t wait to see what you’ve got…

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