Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning™

  • PS3

Unlock the secrets of Amalur on PlayStation 3.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Role-Playing Game
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: Big Huge Games, 38 Studios
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    • Immerse yourself in a huge universe from the minds of best-selling author R.A. Salvatore, Spawn creator Todd McFarlane and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion lead designer Ken Rolston.
    • Choose your path as you battle through a sprawling world featuring some of the most intense and responsive RPG combat ever.
    • Create your own destiny through constant character customization.
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    The Fateless One

    It all begins with a death - yours. Killed at the outset of the game, your lifeless body is taken to be discarded at the Well of Souls. However, magic is creeping back into the world of Amalur and the gnome scientist Fomorous Hugues uses the well to bring you back to life. As the first and only success of the scientist's experiments, in a world where every mortal creature has a fate - a destiny that predetermines every life - you have none.

    The Fae is a race that periodically dies and comes back to life in a cycle. Its members endlessly repeat their actions and retell their stories so that their own existence becomes a legend they live out. The realm known as the Faelands is in conflict, a subset of the Winter Fae is waging a Crystal War against every mortal race, all in the name of their new god Tirnoch.

    But something has changed, the tales aren't playing out the way that they always have and the Winter Fae are beginning to win a war they should be losing. Could it be because of you, the Fateless One?

    Enter the magical world of the Faelands within Amalur as the adventurer with no memory and the dangerous ability to change fate.

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    Stylised beauty

    Amalur is a vast and varied world, filled with colourful characters to meet and gruesome creatures to battle. The sheer size of Amalur is as breathtaking as it is beautiful. You enter a land in which magic is reawakening - throughout the Faelands the plants around you will blossom and swoon with every enchanted step you take.

    From the small forest villages of Dalentarth, through the Plains of Erathell to the bustling city of Rathir, each newly revealed region brings a new feel to the game as well as literally hundreds of people to interact with.

    And it's not just your surroundings that amaze - the dance of combat is just as enthralling. Whether you choose to be the spell-wielding sorcerer, dashing rogue, brutal warrior or any combination of the three, every swish of your blade and explosion you conjure evokes a real feeling of power. Watch in awe as you unleash a charged attack with your Faeblades, cutting through a group of enemies, or use magic to raise stalagmites from the ground to devastate your foes.

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    From dust and magic

    Discover an entire world that's open to be explored the moment you fire up the game. The Faelands are not only vast and sprawling, they're also covered with bustling villages and towns filled with interesting people that will ask for your assistance and hand out optional quests.

    Thousands of individual story threads have been weaved together to create a rich tapestry of characters, each with their own tale to tell and problems that you can either help resolve, ignore or hinder, the choice is yours.

    Whilst the main story is gripping, intense and constantly twisting as you seek out your murderer, the lives of the people you meet are equally as interesting. Get wrapped up in the political wrangling between contentious clans and take on the murderous fiends that are mysteriously attacking a tiny village to be rewarded with some truly immersive gameplay.

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    Get ready for action

    Any role-playing game worth its salt is measured by the ability to convey conflict. Sitting behind the scenes of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is a depth of combat controls and free customisation rarely seen in an action game, let alone an RPG. There are three combat styles to choose from: Sorcery, Finesse and Might. The more resources you pour into each skill tree, the more powerful you become.

    Go deeper still to uncover Destiny cards. These unlock as you become more proficient in an individual field or choose to be the true all-rounder, picking up a little of each. Our personal favourite is blink, which transforms your rolling dodge manoeuvre into a feat of magic as you teleport through enemies in a flurry of butterflies to unleash a lethal attack.

    The beauty of Amalur is that every time you level up, you're completely free to distribute the skill points you earn across any discipline you see fit and see a tangible outcome to the choices you make. No longer are your choices limited to a single class, now you can be the powerful mage who can blast enemies with flames just as easily as he can sneak up and assassinate hapless victims, or the mighty warrior with the ability to magically heal wounds sustained in the heat of a knife fight.

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