Breathtaking beauty

Escape to a dreamlike world…


Your journey is just beginning…

Award-winning gameplay

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Your journey is just beginning…

Award-winning gameplay

Take home three critically acclaimed classics with Journey, Flower and flOw – all hitting PlayStation 4 in one value-packed bundle.

In Journey you control the mysterious, hooded Wanderer exploring a massive and strange land full of surprises. While in Flower, you guide a flurry of petals across a series of vivid landscapes. And glide your way through a surreal underwater abyss as a mysterious evolving organism in flOw, where eating, growing and evolving is everything.

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    Network Features

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    1-2 Players

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    2 Network Players



Explore a surreal underwater abyss of simple organisms as you eat, grow, and evolve into the deep. Swim where you want, whenever you want – but beware: you are not alone in the depths of the deep blue… 


Take control of the wind and carry a cluster of colourful flower petals around each landscape. Soar above lush fields and rolling hills, and glide through a world of subtle mysteries. Freedom is everything… 


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Buy Journey Collector's Edition

Buy Journey Collector's Edition