Invizimals™: The Lost Tribes

Stop the Invizimals’ unique power falling into the wrong hands in this international adventure.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action / Family / Fighting / Adventure
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Novarama
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    • Continue where Invizimals: Shadow Zone ended and explore the mysterious Shadow Zone to rescue hero Keni, or begin a brand new adventure as fellow explorers Jazmin or Alex.
    • Round up 150 Invizimals, including 70 undiscovered creatures and 80 fan favourites from previous games.
    • Join up with friends on PlayStation Network to take part in the new Tag Team Battle mode.
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    Invisible wonders

    Explore the world around you to discover its weird, magical and unseen inhabitants in Invizimals The Lost Tribes on PSP. The tiny yet powerful creatures known as Invizimals hide in plain sight, and only the power of your PSP system with a PSP Camera connected can reveal them.

    Scan your surroundings with the PSP Camera, and listen out for the telltale sound of clicking. This is your cue to whip out the special trap included with every copy of the game, and fix it beneath the target indicated on your PSP screen. You’ll see the world around you – your dining table, carpet or even your school desk – burst into life as these colourful creatures appear as if from nowhere.

    Keep a stock of coloured items, such as a blue notebook or a red pencil case, handy so that you can track certain Invizimals in their natural environments. For example, Frostee, the penguin-like animal, loves the snow, so a sheet of white paper is perfect to help you uncover him. 

    Be alert to the possibilities hiding just under your nose in Invizimals The Lost Tribes, and with your PSP system in hand, you can shine a light on this mysterious world.

    Invizimals The Lost Tribes screenshot

    Snap, trap, attack

    Circle the globe on the trail of your friend and esteemed Invizimals expert, Keni, who has disappeared leaving only a few clues behind. You’ll discover 70 brand new creatures on your trek, as well as 80 favourites from previous games, all of which help in their own unique ways to expose a sinister plot involving a familiar foe.

    Athens, Kyoto, even the Antarctic – you’ll take in some exotic and far-flung locations on your adventure, and often the most inhospitable surroundings are home to the more powerful Invizimals. Freezefur, for instance, is an aggressive beast that prowls the icy wastes near a polar research station, yet if you can trap him, you’ll be able to call on his fierce attacks in battle.

    Each tiny animal must be captured by successfully completing inventive mini-games. Once these are mastered, you can put your newly tamed Invizimals to work whenever danger rears its head. Tense duels against enemy Invizimals must be skilfully fought using a combination of light, heavy and earth-splitting Vector attacks to shatter their defences.

    Victory rewards you with precious Watts, the currency which can be spent evolving your Invizimals into the ultimate fighting units. With an army of these magical creatures on your side, Keni will soon be back among his friends.

    Invizimals The Lost Tribes screenshot

    Tournament of champions

    Defeating enemies and finding your pal Keni is only half the battle in Invizimals The Lost Tribes on PSP. Just as stiff a challenge awaits you when you pit your team of Invizimals against others from around the world via PlayStation Network.

    Using your PSP system’s Infrastructure Mode, you can take part in international tournaments and championships online. Hone your creatures into intimidating fighters by earning Watts in the exciting single player story, then pit them against those of rival players to sort the best from the rest.

    Invite your friends to take you on, meanwhile, in Tag Team Battles via Ad Hoc Mode. Here you can select two of your finest Invizimals, ideally with abilities that complement one another, to confront a rival team. Alternatively, you can join forces with a friend to fight a co-operative Tag Team Battle – perfect if you have yet to discover certain Invizimals.

    Away from the battle arena, you can exchange Invizimals with friends for rarer creatures, and you can swap Vector attacks, upgrade packs and even credits to use for enhancements. Spend, trade and fight your way to the top of the international leader board in Invizimals The Lost Tribes – join the hunt now on PSP.

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