• PS3

Home is where the war is.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Publisher: THQ
  • Developer: Kaos Studios
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    • America - 2027 - the world is unravelling after 15 years of economic meltdown and global conflict.
    • Take the battle online and experience amazing multiplayer action in epic infantry and vehicle warfare.
    • Join the fight for freedom and liberate your friends, your family and your country.
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    End of days

    Written and co-created by acclaimed screenwriter and director, John Milius, and developed by Kaos Studios, Homefront on PlayStation 3 is a hard-hitting, futuristic, first person shooter that takes place in the year 2027 in the United States of America. In it, the Korean People's Army have invaded the USA and claimed the land of the free as their own.

    With the once great superpower abandoned by allies, the USA is a shell of its former self. Transformed by the savage occupation, the country is a bleak landscape of walled towns, abandoned suburbs and school sports stadiums that have been transformed into rat-infested detention centres.

    In the tense single player campaign you step into the combat boots of former Marine helicopter pilot, Robert Jacobs, who has been drafted in by the American Resistance Fighters to battle the occupying forces of the Korean People's Army. It will not be an easy mission, and you may not survive. This is the price you pay for freedom.

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    Mission impossible

    In Homefront on PlayStation 3 you'll barely have any time to gather yourself once the action kicks in at the outset of the game's dark and disturbing opening sequence. With the Korean People's Army gunning for you, Homefront moves at breakneck pace, sending you on a variety of bombastic missions.

    One moment you'll find yourself double-crossed and in the middle of a frantic shoot-out, the next you're taking to the skies or hijacking the Korean People's Army's fuel trucks.
    Fighting alongside you throughout the entire single player campaign are a trio of hardened troopers including resistance veteran, Connor Morgan, a young woman called Rianna, and computer wizard Hopper.

    While the majority of your time will be spent battling enemies on foot, you'll have incredibly useful tools, weapons and some vehicles to get you through to the game's epic closing siege. Weapons at your disposal include pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles and a selection of explosives including C4 and grenades.

    At later points in the single player campaign, you pilot a helicopter, man a turret on an armed Humvee and control a Goliath. The Goliath is a computer-controlled armed vehicle equipped with powerful rocket launchers and turret guns capable of obliterating even the toughest enemy strongholds.

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    Online resistance

    In Homefront there are a number of online multiplayer modes for you to sink your teeth into, including Ground Control, Team Deathmatch and Battle Commander. Team Deathmatch sees you and up to 15 of your friends or other Homefront players battle it out in fast and furious skirmishes via PlayStation Network.

    Ground Control challenges you and your team to take hold of certain areas on one of the six maps available by capturing certain highlighted areas on the battlefield that belong to the opposing team.

    In Battle Commander, things take an interesting twist: if you're good, you're dead. If you're a skilled player who is consistently able to take out opponents without being killed in action, you are quickly marked as a threat and targeted for assassination by other players on the map.

    There are a number of soldier classes to choose from in Homefront's multiplayer modes including Assault, Sniper and Explosive. Each one features their own attributes and in-game perks that include access to certain vehicles and the ability to call in devastating aerial assaults on opponents.

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