God of War® Collection Volume II

  • PS3

Discover Kratos's dark past as two classic PSP God of War titles arrive on PlayStation 3.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Ready at Dawn
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    • Enjoy the highly acclaimed God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghost of Sparta, remastered in razor-sharp High Definition for PS3.
    • Discover the mysterious secrets lurking within Kratos's past and learn the truth behind long unanswered questions from the award-winning series.
    • Relive incredible battles with some of the most popular figures from Greek mythology, in eye-popping stereoscopic 3D.
    God Of War Collection Volume II screenshot

    Double the destruction

    The unstoppable engine of destruction has returned - God of War Collection Volume II offers a tantalising peek into Spartan warrior Kratos's murky past. Bringing together two titles that originally came out on PSP, God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghost of Sparta now make their grisly debuts on PlayStation 3.

    Chains of Olympus takes you through Kratos's years in service to the Greek gods, as he attempts to atone for the sins of his past. He soon discovers that sun god, Helios, has been captured, allowing Morpheus, the god of dreams, to cover Greece in a Black Fog. Forced to battle Morpheus's minions, Kratos soon discovers a tangled web of deceit that he must unravel, while confronting painful visions of his deceased daughter, Calliope.

    The events of Ghost of Sparta take place many years later when Kratos has become the god of war. Still haunted by visions of his mortal past, Kratos embarks on a mission which results in some of his most fearsome and emotionally devastating battles. It is here that his family ties are truly revealed... and stretched beyond imagining.

    God of War Collection Volume II is an essential piece to the puzzle that is Kratos's history - and unmissable entertainment for any fans of epic action.

    God Of War Collection Volume II screenshot

    Godlike presentation

    Kratos's rampage through ancient Greece looks utterly stunning in God of War Collection Volume II on PlayStation 3. The visuals of the original PSP versions have been remastered in High Definition, giving them an impressively larger than life style - made even more eye-popping thanks to stereoscopic 3D compatibility.

    Taking you through the challenging adventures of PSP titles, God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghost of Sparta, this all-in-one title has a variety of dazzling locales, from the Cliffs of Marathon to the underwater city of Atlantis. Each setting has an immersive range of beautiful features, deadly enemies and perilous puzzles that draw you into Kratos's journey. Helped by a dramatic score and excellent voice acting, you're transported to a savage world where you feel like you're right beside the gravel-throated ghost of Sparta as he smashes his way to his goals.

    Kratos himself is just as majestic as ever, with excellent animation that underlines why he's one of the most popular and memorable video game anti-heroes ever created. Kratos doesn't open doors, he kicks them down. He tears through his foes with furious anger. And he does it all with a fearsome snarl that makes you glad you're the one controlling him.

    God Of War Collection Volume II screenshot

    Sharpen your Blades

    The angry god of war is yours to control once more in God of War Collection Volume II on PlayStation 3. Featuring two games previously only available on PSP, you take Kratos through a violent journey in God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghost of Sparta, to discover his dark secrets.

    It's a massive quest which is both engaging and challenging, as you take part in majestic set pieces in locations that span the far reaches of Greek mythology. You battle a brilliant batch of mythological beasts, including Cyclops, basilisks, gorgons and ruthless skeletons.

    Fortunately for Kratos, you have a massive variety of upgradable attacks to bring even the biggest foe to its knees. Armed with the Blades of Chaos, and later the Blades of Athena, the merciless god of war can slice through enemies, unleash devastating magic attacks like The Efreet and the Eye of the Storm and perform finishing moves that come in the shape of mini-games where you must press the correct button combination as it flashes on-screen. Success means you live to fight another day, while failure drags Kratos ever closer to a grim demise.

    Both Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta feature epic openings that throw you straight into the action. However, fear not, you brutal god of war, as a handy in-game tutorial eases you in, teaching you basic and advanced combat techniques. Clever use of camera angles also helps to show you the way forward and offer hints to puzzles.

    God of War Collection Volume II is a well paced and engrossing blockbuster that feels right at home on PlayStation 3. The wireless controller is intuitive for the varied fights you throw the ghost of Sparta into, while the Right stick is perfect for evading the onslaught of assaults thrown at you. You are the god of war - grab your blades and crush anyone who stands in your way.

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