Team up with the Doctor

Immerse yourself in the Doctor Who universe and embark on a thrilling PS VR adventure through space and time.


Doctor Who: The Edge of Time

  • PS4
  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Adventure / Puzzle
  • Publisher: PlayStack
  • Developer: Maze Theory

    Game overview

    Uncover the mystery behind the Reality Virus

    Enter the TARDIS and embark on a planet-hopping sci-fi adventure to save the universe.

    The Doctor, voiced by Jodie Whittaker, has been taken captive by an evil force threatening to tear apart reality itself. Face off against iconic baddies including the infamous Daleks, Weeping Angels and new terrors such as the chilling Hydrocs.

    Communicate with your Time Lord companion through radios, TVs and more as you pilot the TARDIS, explore new horizons and solve mind-bending puzzles under her guidance. Don’t forget to bring your Sonic Screwdriver!


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