Dead or Alive 5 Plus

Enjoy the signature Dead or Alive fighting style wherever you go.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Fighting
  • Publisher: Tecmo Koei Europe
  • Developer: Team Ninja
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    • Distract your opponent with brand new finishing moves.
    • Attack your opponents with simple taps and swipes of the touchscreen in Touch Fight mode.
    • Share progress and content with DEAD OR ALIVE 5 on PS3 using cross-platform features.
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    Power struggle

    Dead or Alive 5 Plus takes place two years after the events of Dead or Alive 4, with the infamous DOATEC corporation now in the hands of French billionaire Helena Douglas.

    Douglas intends to transform the organisation by using its biotechnology resources as a force for peace – and what better way to showcase DOATEC’s new direction than by hosting the fifth Dead or Alive tournament, where the planet’s greatest fighters can gather to showcase their superhuman skills. However, not everyone is happy about Helena’s plan, and the powers of darkness are soon gathering, intent on settling old scores and taking control of DOATEC for themselves…

    Continuing the thrilling story that has helped to make the series a global smash hit, Dead or Alive 5 Plus is a raucous roller coaster ride with a cast of colourful characters. Fighting your way through to the final round, you’ll reveal a series of shocking secrets – and unveil the destinies of the world’s deadliest warriors along the way.

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    World beater

    Dead or Alive 5 Plus is polished to perfection, with futuristic production values making for a slick, seamless combat experience.

    A wide range of modes and options allows you to customise the game to your taste, and it’s also incredibly easy to pick up and play – whether you’re a martial arts master or a combat novice.

    Characters are smoothly and superbly rendered, while battles take place in a host of awe-inspiring environments, from the DOATEC corporation’s offshore oil rig to a lifelike training dojo. Beautiful lighting and fluid animation ensure every fast, ferocious bout is a joy to behold, while sound effects are satisfyingly hard-edged and high impact. The pumping music is another plus point, guaranteed to keep the adrenaline flowing as you leap around each stage, lashing out at foes with crackling force and fury.

    Turbocharged and superpowered, Dead or Alive 5 Plus is a 3D fight fan’s dream come true: an irresistibly involving world brimming with energy and action.

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    Smash and grab

    Dead or Alive 5 Plus is combat as spectacle in the best possible sense, offering fast and furious 3D fighting that’s easy to enjoy and satisfyingly tough to master. The game contains hundreds of moves and dozens of different combat styles as well as a range of modes to test your martial arts mettle.

    First up is Story Mode, which lets you experience all the action of the fifth Dead or Alive Tournament through the eyes of a number of different combatants. Battles are linked by stunning cinematic sequences that develop the plot and lead you to a series of jaw-dropping final showdowns.

    Fight Mode lets you choose from any of the 24 characters and face a computer-controlled opponent – be it in a straight-up versus match, an endurance-testing survival challenge, a classic arcade tournament or a series of timed bouts – while Training Plus Mode is the place to hone your skills and learn nifty new techniques. Touch Fight is a particularly inspired addition, allowing you to use touchscreen controls to defeat foes – and when you’ve racked up a few blazing finishes, you can access your fight stats and watch video replays of your finest moments.

    Another bonus are the game’s cross-platform features, which allow you to engage in combat with someone running DEAD OR ALIVE 5 on a PlayStation 3 system using Cross-Play. Even better, if you own the PS3 game yourself, any downloadable content you’ve purchased (such as alternative outfits for your favourite characters) can be put to good use once again in the PS Vita version with Cross-Save – so you can triumph over all comers in style.

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    Battle royale

    Dead or Alive 5 Plus offers a range of options for those seeking to soup up the single player challenge with some multiplayer mayhem.

    Friends can go toe to toe in a one-off match via Ad Hoc Mode or else train together in a brilliantly entertaining online dojo. A PlayStation Network connection, meanwhile, lets you brawl against fellow fans online in intense custom tournaments or one-off duels.

    The multiplayer modes are a brilliant way to enhance the experience and ratchet up the excitement. The only question is, how long will it take to reach the top of the leader board – and are you tough enough to survive the climb?

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      Has Downloadable Content

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