Multi-dimensional puzzle mayhem exclusive to PSP – it's all in the power of perspective.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Developer: TBC

    Trapped in a banal life, the pyjama-clad hero of Crush finds himself tormented by worry. He's a nervous wreck, plagued by sleepless nights that leave him too tired to turn his life around.

    But it is in a bizarre, dream-like vision that this unlikely adventurer is given one last hope; an opportunity to sort through the wreckage of his mind and restore his sanity, along with his sleep.

    Puzzle your way through over 50 brain-bending levels with the surreal ability to switch perspectives from 3D to 2D as you conquer challenges. Changing perspective achieves more than simply altering the viewpoint; platforms shift, new paths open, impossible to reach objects become accessible and chain reactions in the environment are sparked.

    • Crush's unique gameplay allows you to move instantly between 2D and 3D perspective at the press of a button
    • Over 50 mind-stretching levels blending puzzle and platform gameplay
    • Brilliantly realised, surreal environments and an engaging storyline introduce an endearingly odd lead character
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    I can't get no sleep...

    Battle the forces of insomnia with Crush on PSP

    Ever had trouble sleeping? It's not pleasant. It's even worse for Danny. It's got to the point where counting all the sheep and drinking all the warm milk in the world isn't going to help. Danny has instead chosen to visit a mad scientist by the name of Dr. Reuben who has invented a helmet called C.R.U.S.H. By using C.R.U.S.H. Danny can enter a hypnotic state, during which he is able to enter his own mind, and hopefully, unclutter it. Only then can he finally get some rest.

    Mind games

    The inside of Danny's mind is a pretty dark and foreboding place, reminiscent of the neurological mindscapes of Psychonauts on PlayStation 2. Levels float suspended in mid-air, surrounded by a dark, nameless city full of sheer drops, and impassable blocks. Each level contains a number of coloured globes that Danny must collect in order to open the exit to the level. Luckily for Danny, he has the ability to Crush to get through the levels, and stand a chance of ever getting a decent night's sleep.

    Crushing is the main feature of the game, and a brilliantly innovative one. By pressing the L button, Danny stamps his foot on the ground causing the 3D world to instantly become two-dimensional. The directional buttons allow you to sweep the camera to one of three perspectives, and Crushing in any of these viewpoints will give you different results, with alternate paths being open to you as a result. For example, Crushing while in an overhead view will flatten all platforms to the same level, meaning you can reach objects on the top of high pillars, impossible to reach in a side-on 3D view.

    Another dimension

    It's a tremendous work out for your spatial-awareness skills, but once you get used to the game's logic you'll realise each level is full of brilliantly twisted lateral thinking puzzles as you try and work out the best route to the exit. There's a whole host of extra complications to add to the simple premise too. Enemies, movable objects, ghost walls that vanish when Crushed and bonuses that stop time are all thrown into the mix to keep things interesting, and you'll feel genuinely clever and very pleased with yourself for figuring out the puzzles on offer.

    It's very well presented too, with dark, gloomy levels, and swirling, disorientating music added to the unusual, sleep-deprived style of the game. Puzzle fans looking for something truly unique on PSP need look no further. Crush is original, challenging, furiously clever, and above all, great fun to play. Just try not to lose any sleep over it.

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