Buzz!™ Junior: Dino Den

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  • Also on PS3

It's a madcap prehistoric party!

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Family
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: Cohort Studios
  • Also on PS3

The fourth game in the Buzz!™ Junior series sees you take a trip back in time to when dinosaurs ruled the Earth.

Friendly competition and prehistoric high jinks are the order of the day in Buzz! Junior: Dino Den. Take control of four cheeky little dinos as they explore the exciting prehistoric world around them, wreaking a little havoc along the way.

In a series of new games, you’ll have the chance to do everything from riding a T-Rex to bouncing on a Brontosaurus’ belly – and let’s not forget ice fishing, surfing on sea turtles or pelting hapless cavemen with rotten dinosaur eggs!

Buzz! Junior: Dino Den’s brand new Team Mode even allows you to join forces with a pal in 10 further team games, while the advanced Tribal Dino system means that computer-controlled dinos can fill in for any missing players.

  • Thirty-five dino-tastic games – dunk cavemen, race go-karts, and ride a T-Rex!
  • Less than four players? Let the dinos make up the numbers
  • 2 vs 2 Team Mode for buzzer-bashing with extra bite!
Buzz! Junior: Dino Den screenshot 14

Get a Buzz! of dinosaur sized proportions

The Buzz! Junior range takes you back to a land that time forgot for an experience you'll never forget - enter the Dino Den and find out why.

The Buzz! Junior series has built a name for itself by providing whacky entertainment that appeals across all ages in a range of games using everything from monkeys to robots to monsters. The fourth instalment continues this attractive trend, this time bringing in a batch of rather mischievous dinos that you can't help but love.

Prehistoric park

Buzz! Junior: Dino Den throws you into a prehistoric time where giant animals ruled the roost, volcanoes were a more prominent feature of the landscape and it wasn't too rare to see the odd mud pool. But rather than the utterly terrifying versions we're all used to seeing, the dinosaurs that roam this land are friendly and fun loving creatures - in particular, four cheeky and brightly coloured ones looking to collect the largest number of Dino eggs in 35 multiplayer games to be crowned king of the Dinos.

Once you grab some Buzz! Buzzers, up to four players can choose from the cheeky looking T-Rex, Pterodactyl, Stegosaurus and Triceratops to compete with and against each other for the crown - and if you're without anyone to join in, Dino Den lets you add computer controlled dinos to make up the numbers, each definable with an individual skill setting.

The diversity of the game also allows a range of different set-ups, tailored to newcomers and experienced players alike. Selecting the Multiplayer mode takes you through a variety of mini-games that pitches you against three others, while the Team game allows you join forces with another person against two rivals. In either mode you can choose to jump straight into the action with Quick Start, indulge in the variable length (short, medium, long or marathon) choice of a Standard Game or pick your favourites in the Custom Game. First-timers can also tackle any specifics of their choosing in the Practice mode.

A delightful dino do

With the action on the way, Dino Den's sense of fun through its vast assortment of games soon takes form. Buzzers in hand and fingers at the ready, it's an extremely enjoyable romp that encourages smiles and laughter. Like the complimenting Buzz! Junior titles there are a nice range of games that mix things up with each turn. All You Can Eat has you pressing the right colour on your Buzzer to correspond with the food your dino is served so you can stick it with your fork before anyone else, while Strike is a visit to a Stone Age style bowling alley for pin-toppling amusement.

What about Cave Painting, where you must roll your messy characters around a cave to paint as much of it as possible in your colour? Or would you prefer the teamwork of Flaming Volleyball? There's something for everyone in Dino Den's variety and there's enough challenge to keep you and any little ones entertained, not even taking into account the extremely well animated characters who have no qualms with rocking out and body-popping in celebration of their victory.

Buzz! Junior: Dino Den may surprise you with its wonderfully polished presentation, and it should come as no surprise that it's really good fun, especially in its co-operative modes which are well designed and thought out. Its slapstick and referential sense of humour is a refreshing change from the norm and there are enough nice little touches to make it a memorable experience for all the family. So pick up those Buzz! Buzzers and join in the madcap prehistoric party!

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