BloodRayne 2

Sensual dhampir Rayne returns to PS2 - and this time she has a bone or two to break with her siblings.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Action
  • Publisher: Majesco
  • Developer: Terminal Reality

    Majesco's popular dhampir - that's half human, half vampire - anti-heroine has had a makeover since her 1930s debut in BloodRayne. Enhanced acrobatics, combat options, visuals, environments, and physics are just some of the many new touches in this stylish 3D action-horror.

    Since joining forces with the secretive Brimstone Society, an organisation opposed to the rise of vampire power, Rayne has pursued a bloody crusade against her kin. After being cheated of exacting revenge on her evil father Kagan, who organised the Nazi bid for supernatural power that she thwarted in 1935, Rayne has had to content herself with tracking down and dispatching her other siblings.

    BloodRayne 2 brings the story forward 70 years to the present day, but the march of time has not diminished Rayne's charms or thirst for blood. Nor has it curbed the ambition of her siblings, who seek to unleash "The Shroud", a substance that will render the sun's rays harmless to vampires, ushering in their rise to dominance.

    This new taste of blood features many enhancements on its predecessor. 30 combos, 12 fatality finishing moves, and all-new harpoon features - you can pull objects onto foes or impale and throw them - make for a fluid dance of death. New powers such as Blood Fury, Ghost Feed, and Blood Storm add a wide new range of options and tactics, while the reworked Aura Vision plays a more integral role in the game.

    • New acrobatic, combat and power options
    • Modern setting with highly interactive environments
    • Upgrade weapons and abilities based on how you play
    • Continuation of the immersive BloodRayne story
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