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Bloodborne tips

Yharnam is not for the faint hearted – but these pointers could keep newcomers alive.


If at first you don’t succeed…

Don’t give up

In Bloodborne, death is a natural part of the Yharnam nightmare – you will see the grim spectre of the “You Died” screen a lot.

But don’t despair – this could merely be an opportunity to fight your way back to where you dropped your Blood Echoes, giving you even more currency to spend with the merchants or to level up. And from the Hunter’s Dream, you can always re-visit a level to stock up on Blood Echoes before re-entering the level that got the better of you.

If you want to stay alive in Yharnam a little longer, try some of these hints and tips.

Good luck, Hunter…


A Hunter’s best friend

Choose your weapon

As a new hunter, you’ll get to choose a weapon to wield on the streets of Yharnam – and selecting the right weapon for your play style can be vital.

The Saw Cleaver is the most balanced of the three starter weapons, dealing quick, moderate damage that’s especially effective against larger foes weak against serrated weapons.

The Threaded Cane deals fast slashing blows, transforming into a whip for long-range attacks. Hunters using the Threaded Cane would do well to level up their Skill stats as this will increase the weapon’s damage.

The Hunter Axe deals crushing blunt damage, relying on the strength of a Hunter to chop at foes and send them staggering. Beware though – it takes a great deal of stamina to wield the axe effectively so swinging wildly will put you at risk of attack.


The Hunter's path

Collect Blood Echoes: If you’re killed, any Blood Echoes you’re holding will be dropped where you fall, to be picked up next time.

Look for shortcuts: Gates, doorways, ladders and other hidden shortcuts are vital paths from the far reaches of a level to the safety of a lantern.

Regain health: When an enemy hits you, you’ll have a short window to regain the health they took if you can deal some counter damage to them.


Find sanctuary

The Hunter’s Dream

The Hunter’s Dream is the one place you’re truly safe. Accessed via the lanterns you’ll light throughout the game, this is where your hard-won Blood Echoes are spent, either on yourself by levelling up your various stats or on items, weapons and attire from the merchants.

You can also combine Blood Echoes with Blood Gems and Runes in the workshop to make your weapons more powerful, or repair any damage they’ve sustained in the fight – but you’ll have to find the tools to do this on your journey.

You’ll also find various hints dotted around on gravestones, as well as collecting your starting weapons here. Be sure to read every engraving, as these are a vital starting point for new Hunters.


Stop, lock and roll

Tackling enemies

Each enemy you face will have their own vicious methods of attack that you’ll have to adapt to – but there are a few basic skills that could keep you alive.

Moving swiftly and dodging attacks with the CIRCLE button is essential, and by locking on to your enemy with the R3 button means you’ll still be facing them as you duck past.

When dealing with larger mobs, switching on “Auto Target Switch” from your Settings menu might help – that way, you’ll move to the next enemy when the one you’re targeting dies.

Remember – swinging your weapon uses up Stamina quickly, so pick your shots and save your energy for that killer blow… or to sprint away from trouble.


Essential items

Blood Vials: Press the TRIANGLE button to use a Blood Vial and regain HP.

Quicksilver Bullets: Essential for your gun – and for performing visceral attacks.

Pebbles: Use these to lure an enemy into open space.

Blood Shards: Vital to upgrading your weapon in the Hunter’s Dream workshop.

Coldblood Dew: Use these to gain a large number of Blood Echoes at once.


Timing is everything

Visceral attacks

The most effective way to deal massive amounts of damage to an enemy is with a visceral attack – but these require precision timing to pull off effectively.

When an enemy starts to attack, quickly shoot them with whichever gun you equipped as your left-hand weapon to interrupt their onslaught. When they stagger from the hit (listen out for a sudden thunderous boom to let you know it’s worked), move quickly and hit them with your right-hand weapon by pressing the R1 button.

Timed correctly, you’ll deal huge damage – but beware, not all boss enemies are vulnerable to this tactic, so test it out to see which horrors you can tackle with it.


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A Hunter is never alone

Ring the bell

If you’re a PlayStation Plus member and are playing online, ringing your Beckoning Bell can summon a fellow Hunter into your nightmare to help tackle a section of the game alongside you.