Battlefield 4™

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Blur the battle lines between game and glory.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Developer: DICE
  • Also on PS4
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  • Stand alongside your squad in a blistering single player campaign set in battle-scarred Shanghai.
  • Hone your skills with a devestating arsenal of weapons and expert fighting classes.
  • Pilot heavily armed helicopters, boats, tanks, fighter jets and other vehicles to give you the advantage in combat.
  • Immerse yourself in all-out war and become a Battlefield legend with online multiplayer games.


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A new global conflict.

The year is 2020. Six years after the events of Battlefield 3, the global military situation is more fragile than ever as the world teeters on the brink of not just another cold war, but an all-out conflict between the USA and Russia. While tensions run high between the two superpowers, China is thrown into a state of turmoil within its own borders as power-hungry General Chang ignites a military coup which could see the Chinese government overthrown – and their mighty army standing shoulder to shoulder with Russia in the global conflict.

In a last ditch attempt to neutralise the growing threat, a US special operations squad codenamed Tombstone is deployed to go behind enemy lines and do whatever is necessary to protect American interests.

You play as Sgt. Daniel “Reck” Recker, tasked alongside a squad of fellow commandos to infiltrate highly sensitive areas in China and throughout the world and use your skills to secure VIP personnel, vital information and do whatever it takes to stop a new world war from igniting. Outnumbered, outgunned and against all odds, you’ll need to call on all of your training and combat expertise if you want to survive on the battlefield.

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The beauty of the battlefield.

Both the campaign and multiplayer modes offer a huge range of beautifully detailed environments in which to wage war. Within the first few acts of the single player campaign, you’re transported from dusty, industrial Azerbaijan, to a highly detailed recreation of inner-city Shanghai, complete with glaring neon, towering skyscrapers – and intense explosions.

In multiplayer games, tropical islands, snow-bound mountain bunkers, inner city park land, bullet-riddled towns and many other urban and rural maps provide a wide range of terrain to take down your opposition. The various game modes can thrust you into close-quarters combat on small maps or, in the case of Conquest game, into vast areas that require different tactics and expertise piloting vehicles.

Waging war on such a massive scale is an intense experience; explosions rock the ground beneath you, buildings crumble and bullets fly past your head giving an overwhelming sense of being in the heat of the battle. When a building comes down or vehicles are destroyed, the course of the game can change as the terrain evolves, giving you bunkers, rubble and charred remains of tanks and helicopters to take cover behind.

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Fight on land, sea and in the air.

Survival in both the single player campaign and online multiplayer modes will rely on a tactical mix of attacking and defensive strategies – a “run and gun” frenzy will see your dog tags littering the rubble in no time at all. Using cover is vital, but staying in the same place for too long will prove fatal, as much of the environment around you will be fully destructible. That wall you’ve been cowering behind may be reduced to a pile of bricks, leaving you exposed to enemy gunfire.

Approaching every contact with your squad around you and knowing where they are on the battlefield is also an important tactic. As you prepare to engage the enemy, you can mark them for your squad before issuing the order to assault, allowing you to mount surprise attacks and ambushes. You’ll also need to learn your weapon classes and mould your fighting style around the armoury that you can stash in weapons crates. Each weapon can be customised and upgraded with new items that unlock as you level up or complete the assignments that feature in each mission.

Throughout the game and in online multiplayer mode, you can pilot a range of heavy and light vehicles, including tanks, helicopters, jet skis, fighter jets and more. Becoming familiar with the controls of each vehicle and how they can be best used in battle can be essential in giving you the edge over the opposition.

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You and whose army?

Multiplayer mode will throw you headlong into battle as one of three factions: China, Russia and the US. Veterans of the Battlefield series will find old favourite game modes present and correct, including the classic Conquest game mode which pits teams against each other on huge, destructible maps in a fight to control various objectives. Vehicles including tanks, helicopters, boats and fighter jets are all at the player’s disposal in Conquest, providing many different ways to rain destruction down upon the enemy positions.

Other game modes include the classics Team or Squad Deathmatch, Obliteration which sees teams fight for possession of a bomb, Rush, an all-out fight for sequences of dual objectives, Domination for close-quarters fighting and Defuse, comprising of multiple fast rounds with no redeploy and no vehicles.

Before deploying into battle you’ll have to choose one of the four classes to fight as, each with their own weapons load out. The Assault class is equipped with an assault rifle and grenades as standard, while the Engineer has a rocket launcher strapped to his back and the ability to fix damaged vehicles. The Support class can take out enemies at long range with a sniper rifle, and Recon can plant explosive devices at tactical positions on the battlefield. Your prowess in combat will be rewarded with XP that unlocks new weapons, gadgets and support abilities as you progress, that can be used to customise each class to suit your fighting style.

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