After Hours Athletes

  • PS3

Here's to the After Hours Athlete.

  • Release Date: Out Now
  • Genre: Sports
  • Publisher: SCEE
  • Developer: XDev Studio Europe
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    • Turn life into sport in association with PUMA: Top Darts, Hustle Kings and High Velocity Bowling together on one Blu-ray Disc.
    • Control every break, strike and double-top with PlayStation Move and in stunning stereoscopic 3D.
    • Take your shot at glory and challenge up to seven other players either online via PlayStation Network or at home in your own living room.
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    Forget the gym, getting toned and working out, the only target you'll be hitting is the bullseye in After Hours Athletes on PS3. Fitness and physical exercise can't save you now - this is about throwing the perfect dart, hitting an amazing break and knocking down all the pins with an almighty strike.

    All three games have their own unique style, whether it's the retro, polished lanes of High Velocity Bowling, the darkened, professional snooker halls in Hustle Kings or the themed clubs that play host to a variety of boards in Top Darts, you'll feel part of the action straight away. Intricate details such as the low lighting above the snooker table, the reflection on the pins in the bowling lanes and the enthusiastic commentary during darts matches add to the authenticity of every game.

    If the realistic settings weren't enough, After Hours Athletes is also available to play in stunning stereoscopic 3D. Every strike, break and bullseye can be seen in another dimension, helping you to judge every move with pinpoint accuracy.

    Pick up After Hours Athletes - exclusively on PlayStation 3 - and revel in the fun of late night games.

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    The champion of late night games

    It's not about losing weight or burning calories - it's about getting together with your mates, playing some late night games and having a good time. This is After Hours Athletes on PlayStation 3. Combining three exclusive PlayStation 3 titles on one Blu-ray Disc, After Hours Athletes caters for those who love staying up late, being social and getting stuck in to a game of pool, bowling and darts. All you'll need is a copy of the game, a PlayStation Move motion controller and a PlayStation Eye camera.

    Hold your PlayStation Move motion controller like a real dart and hit the bullseye with pinpoint precision in Top Darts. Join leagues and tournaments, try your hand at different challenges and prepare to be amazed at how accurately your throw is mirrored on-screen.

    Turn your motion controller into a pool cue and strike every ball with perfection in Hustle Kings. Line up your shot, press the T button and push your motion controller forwards to sink the ball into a pocket. Once you've mastered the basics, perform amazing trick shots and take on a variety of different game modes.

    Head to the lanes in High Velocity Bowling and prepare to score a flawless strike. Use your PS Move to aim your shot, press the T button and swing your arm back as if you were holding a real bowling ball. As you move your arm forwards again, release the T button and watch as your ball sails down the lane and smashes into the pins with unmatched realism.

    Whether you're the king of the pool table, the master of the bowling alley or the champion of the dart board, remember: points - not calories matter in these games.

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    Take a shot at glory

    You prefer to keep an eye on your points instead of your waistline and you spend your evenings with mates instead of at the gym. That's why After Hours Athletes has a wide range of fantastic multiplayer modes for you and lots more champions of late night games to get stuck in to.

    Up to eight players can step up to the oche in Top Darts and compete in a range of challenges including 501 and around the clock. You'll only need one motion controller to play, but if you have two to hand there are some frantic games that require two of you to throw a dart at the same time - it's a good thing PS move controllers aren't sharp. Alternatively, sign into PlayStation Network and enter online league matches if you feel like taking on some serious competition.

    In Hustle Kings, go cue-to-cue in a Quick Game or enter an online Hustle Room via PSN and bet some of your hard-earned HKC (Hustle Kings Credits) against another player. High Velocity Bowling invites you to become king of the pins in multiplayer matches for up to eight players - rise up the online leader boards and show your friends who's the ultimate After Hours Athlete.

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