7 ways Journey To The Savage Planet is not your typical sci-fi shooter

Take a closer look at the out-there new exploration adventure from Typhoon Studios


1. Exploration is key

As the newest recruit to Kindred Aerospace, you’re dropped onto an uncharted planet called AR-Y 26. With little equipment and no real plan, you must explore, catalogue alien flora and fauna, and determine if the planet is fit for human habitation.

However, you soon discover that not all is as it seems. A mysterious tower in the distance suggests you’re not the first person to set foot here. So, as well as playing botanist and cartographer, there’s a mystery to be solved and adventures to be had.

Moment-to-moment, this translates into an addictive ‘Metroidvania’-style gameplay loop:

Step 1

Set forth from your ship to explore AR-Y 26 and scan its wildlife, while defending yourself from any alien threats.

Step 2

When you find an insurmountable obstacle, set out on a side-quest to locate the materials required to craft a tool or power-up that will see you past it.

Step 3

Return to your ship to craft said item, then venture back out into the unknown to continue your adventure.

“AR-Y 26 feels a bit like an aquarium that someone has shook up, or like Noah’s Ark if you blew it up”


- Alex Hutchinson, Creative Director


2. It’s designed to make you smile

1. It’s funny

Journey to the Savage Planet is really very silly indeed. Featuring a smart script, an absurd cast of characters and creatures, and a healthy obsession with all things scatological, it’s a light-hearted experience that never takes itself too seriously.

2. It’s colourful

The development team has taken its visual cues from the primary colours of the 16-bit era, referencing the bright cerulean skies of feel-good classics like Outrun and Sonic the Hedgehog. The only brown texture you’ll come across is all the alien dung…

3. It’s positive

Don’t expect a grim tale of tortured heroes saving humanity from impending obliteration. Savage Planet harks back to the golden age of sci-fi, where brave adventurers proactively set forth to explore the great unknown, with a gleam in their eye and a spring in their step.

“AR-Y 26 feels like a positive place to be, rather than some kind of oppressive dystopia” 


– Alex Hutchinson, Creative Director


3. It’s a compact world that respects your time

Journey to the Savage Planet is the first title from Typhoon Studios, a small team led by Alex Hutchinson, former Creative Director of Assassin’s Creed III and Far Cry 4. Its first game harnesses hard-won experience of creating massive open-world games, and distils it into a manageable, all-killer-no-filler experience that won’t take you months to finish.

Density, not size

ARY-26 is a modest ‘world’ absolutely packed with things to see. Across four distinct biomes, explore caves, ice fields, floating islands, mushroom forests, lava pits and more, and meet more than 30 distinct alien species.


Expect a playthrough to last 10 to 12 hours. No grinding, no padding, no infinite endgame – just a concise adventure with a beginning, a middle and an end, at a price that reflects the content.


While it is an economical experience, there are different conclusions to the story depending on the decisions you make. If you want to go back for a second playthrough, there is good reason to do so.

“You won’t be hiking for days to get from point A to point B – it’s a relatively compact world”


- Alex Hutchinson, Creative Director


4. You’ve got some fun tools to play with…

In addition to a range of core upgradeable abilities, including a grapple and rocket pack, you have ‘left-hand’ and ‘right-hand’ tools.

Left hand

Used for an array of unusual items, from cans of food to bait or distract creatures, to grapple ‘seeds’ that you can attach to obstacles and use as an anchor for your grapple gun.

Right hand

Used solely for your trusty laser pistol. At the game’s outset it’s a basic blaster but as you progress you’ll craft a range of upgrades, such as a ‘pinball’ setting that fires a projectile that bounces between enemies.


5. …but it’s not focussed on shooting

The game’s creators rarely force you to use your weapon. While there are some creatures that will see you as an easy lunch, much of the wildlife in the game wont attack you if you don’t attack them.

Although creatures are a source of crafting materials, you can also harvest the same resources from the environment, and as your navigation and traversal abilities evolve, you can strategically choose to avoid most violent encounters, should you desire.

Exploration and adventure are at the core of Savage Planet – not aggression!

“Shooting is never your primary goal. You’ll never get a mission that asks you to blast 50 aliens.”


- Alex Hutchinson, Creative Director


6. There’s no map to distract your attention

You’re an intrepid adventurer on an uncharted frontier – of course you don’t have a map! But while it works thematically, it’s also a conscious design decision. A game map can be useful, but it can also pull you out of the experience. When you complete Savage Planet your prevailing emotion should be, “That was a fun adventure!” rather than, “I’ve cleared all the icons from the map!”

Instead of ‘playing the map’, you’ll need to rely on your instincts and wayfaring tools to plot your route through the compact game world.


7. You can play through it with a friend

Journey to a Savage Planet can be enjoyed alone, but you can also pull in a friend or family member and play co-op from start to finish or, if you prefer, just call on them to help out with a boss encounter. It’s drop-in, drop-out at all times, and the host is in charge. 

“I don’t think you can make a two-player co-op game that isn’t a comedy, even if you wanted to! Our world embraces that chaos”


- Alex Hutchinson, Creative Director


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