Everything you need to know about Resident Evil Resistance

Resident Evil 3’s innovative asymmetrical 4 vs. 1 multiplayer mode explained


What is Resident Evil Resistance?

Resident Evil Resistance is a new 4 vs. 1 asymmetrical multiplayer survival horror game packaged with Resident Evil 3 on PS4.

Play as either one of a team of four young Survivors trapped in a mysterious, booby-trapped Umbrella Corporation facility over-run by mutants; or as The Mastermind – the kidnapper pulling the strings and gathering research on how their captives deal with fear.


What is the objective?

The Survivors

The Survivors’ goal is to work together to escape the map before the time runs out. Each map is split into three areas, with players advancing from one to the next by completing specific objectives – such as collecting objects from defeated enemies. Complete the third area within the time limit and victory is yours.

The Mastermind

In contrast, the Mastermind is out to stop the Survivors from reaching their goal. The player orchestrates the action from behind a bank of security cameras, using a set of cards to place enemies, obstacles and traps around each area. While the Mastermind never confronts the Survivors face-to-face, they can assume direct control of zombies.


Playing as the Survivors

There are six Survivors to choose from, each with different skills. Work together to make it out alive.

Samuel Jordan (Damage)

After an injury put an end to his promising boxing career, Sam volunteered for a mysterious medical trial and wound up as one Umbrella’s guinea pigs. With a high health stat, Sam’s your man for close quarters melee combat


  • Dash Punch – Extend your reach with this aggressive move
  • Fists of Iron – Land a flurry of punches

January Van Sant (Hacker)

A resourceful hacker who was ‘disappered’ after investigating suspicious links between Raccoon City PD and Umbrella, January can manipulate the security system to limit the Mastermind’s powers.


  • Overload – Disables cameras
  • EMP – Impairs cameras and increases the cost of using cards for the Mastermind

Valerie Harmon (Support)

Every successful team needs a good support unit, and Valerie fits the bill perfectly. An Umbrella intern kidnapped after she started getting suspicious, she can heal fallen team members and help locate nearby threats.


  • Survival Instinct – Pinpoint power-ups and enemies on the map 
  • Modified First Aid Spray – Heal or buff nearby teammates

Tyrone Henry (Tank)

Raccoon City fireman Tyrone packs massive stopping power and aggressive combat options. Put him in harm’s way to protect weaker members of the team.


  • Power Kick: Does what it says on the tin.
  • Rally: Limits damage taken by teammates for a short time.

Becca Woolett (Damage)

A park ranger who went missing after investigating reports of feral dogs. Becca knows her way around a firearm, making her your go-to choice for ranged combat.


  • Sentry Stance – Sacrifice mobility for increased aim
  • Bullet Storm – Unlimited ammo for a short period

Martin Sandwich (Support)

A young mechanic who disappeared after witnessing something he shouldn’t at Spencer Memorial Hospital, Martin can set traps to help the team to victory.


  • Makeshift Mine: Craft a makeshift explosive to take down enemies 
  • Flash Baton: Temporarily stun enemies with this improvised weapon

Expert tips for playing as the Survivors:

  1. Teamwork is key: Keep track of where your teammates are by opening the map with the touchpad. Communicate about what’s going on in the game so that you can work more efficiently together.
  2. Master your Skills: Each character has their own personal skill (R1) as well as a fever skill (R1 + L1). Use them often, but wisely! The Mastermind will struggle to best a team of survivors who understand the most efficient ways to combine their abilities.
  3. Scavenge for loot: There are Umbrella Credits strewn across each map. Pick them up whenever you see them, as they are shared with your team. Use them to purchase weapons, ammo, healing items and other supplies.
  4. Watch the clock: Focus on your primary objective and don’t get too distracted fighting enemies. Yes, it adds to the timer if you kill them, but you gain only a little more than you spent taking them down - and every time you take damage, you lose time.
  5. Look out for Supply Zombies: Sometimes a supply zombie will spawn carrying a backpack of goodies. If you see a yellow symbol on the map, try to hunt the zombie down - you may end up finding some powerful weapons…

Playing as the Mastermind

There are four Mastermind characters to choose from, each with a unique set of abilities with which to torment the Survivors. Fan of the series might recognise some faces…

Annette Birkin

Together with her husband William, Annette is co-creator of the G-Virus, the bug that strated this whole mess. She draws on her bioweapons skills to buff enemies and can also summon the mutated form of her husband, G-Birkin.

As seen in:
Resident Evil 2

Alex Wesker

A product of Umbrella’s Project Wesker eugenics program and raised by Ozwell Spencer, Alex Wesker specialises in traps and can summon a plant-based bioweapon known as “Yateveo”.

As seen in:
Resident Evil Revelations 2

Daniel Fabron

Spencer’s personal fixer and Alex Wesker’s right hand man, Fabron has creature cards with high attack power – but with high energy costs to implement – and is the only Mastermind who can control deadly bioweapon The Tyrant.

As seen in:
New to the series

Ozwell E. Spencer

The Umbrella Pharmaceuticals co-founder who’s searching for the key to immortality is also a Mastermind option, and boasts access to a range of deadly Umbrella tech. Watch out Survivors - Ozwell is a villain to be feared. 

As seen in:
Resident Evil, Resident Evil 5


Expert tips for playing as the Mastermind:

  1. Eyes on the prize: The Survivors’ goal is to gain time, but your goal is to slow them down. Open the map, find the key objectives (security guards, terminals etc.) and consider the most strategic places to place traps and enemies.
  2. Use bio-energy wisely: This stat is depleted each time you use one of your four randomly generated cards, but regenerates over time. The cards can be anything from placing a zombie, to a trap, a turret, or even spawning your ultimate bio-weapon.
  3. Confuse your opponents: You can interact with the environment by shutting off lights, locking doors or even controlling elevators. Use this to your advantage!
  4. Get your hands dirty: You can take direct control of some creatures, allowing you access to their special movesets. If you get lucky, you may even get to spawn in your mastermind’s unique bio-weapon and wreak real havoc.
  5. Be flexible: You may have to change strategy depending on the Survivors’ playstyle. For example, if you spawn multiple enemies into a single room to protect a key item, a smart team of Survivors can quickly deploy grenades to clear it out. Have a plan B!

Where does the action play out?

There are a range of maps – known as ‘Experiment Facilities’ – to master. Here are just a few:


An entertainment facility for thrill seekers. Now devoid of life, its still-operating slot machines and chips strewn across the floor tell the eerie tale of how it was hastily deserted.

Abandoned Park

A horror-themed attraction located on the outskirts of Raccoon City. Abandoned after the virus outbreak, monsters both real and imagined now patiently await visitors.


After the virus outbreak, a raging fire has engulfed the once-prosperous Raccoon City. Now all that’s left are horrifying creatures, and the occasional distant scream...


What inspired the Resident Evil team to make Resistance?

“When making the Resident Evil games, we thought about the joy we get from placing zombies in a level and seeing how that placement could scare players. Scaring players with a great game is always enjoyable for us and we wanted them to have the same experience as us by giving them the chance to add zombies or traps to levels.

“By combining a co-op experience that forces players to face traps in a team-oriented environment, and sprinkling in Resident Evil elements and atmosphere, we thought we could create an interesting game experience.” – Lead Producer, Kawata Masachika