Continue enjoying

PlayStation Plus

Membership ending? It doesn’t have to be game over. You’ve got three choices to keep enjoying PS Plus.

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Option 1

Renew via the PlayStation Plus hub

Access the PlayStation Plus hub from your PS4 home screen and select the “Manage Membership” page from the top right of your screen. From there, you can:

  • Switch on Automatic Renewal and enter your card details to ensure that you never miss out on all the benefits of a PlayStation Plus membership.
  • Extend your membership by purchasing one of the membership options available from PlayStation Store.      

Option 2

Let us renew for you

When you joined PS Plus, we switched the auto-renew feature on. If you switched it off, you’ll need to enable it again by following the steps below. Then, by adding up to date card details and turning on the auto-funding feature, you can make sure your PS Plus membership automatically renews.

  • How do I switch on auto-renewal?

    1. Sign in to your Sony Entertainment Network account on your internet-enabled device.
    2. Look for the Media tab and select Games from the menu on the left.
    3. Scroll through your games until you find your PS Plus membership.
    4. Select your PS Plus membership and click on “Restart Automatic Renewal”.

Option 3

Renew online

Buy a new PS Plus membership online via PlayStation Store whenever you like and it’ll start when your current membership runs out. Even if you buy a new subscription before your existing one ends, it won’t kick in until your current membership expires.


Option 4

Buy in-store

Prefer to buy your membership next time you’re in town? Stop by a local retailer to pick up a three-month or 12-month membership and then activate it via your PlayStation Store account.