Family Accounts on PS4

Versatile parental controls that make PS4 a safe place to play for the whole family.

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More control for you, safer play for them

Become a family manager, create and control individual Family Accounts on your PS4 and stay in control of what each child can play, see, spend and how they interact online.

Family Manager

Add your family members, control child family member permissions individually and check up on their PS4 usage via PS4, PC or smartphone.


Any adult can be set up with a Guardian account and control child family members’ account permissions.

Family member

Children and other family members’ permissions are tailored to their age group and PSN account, so they’re only able to access age-appropriate content.


What can be controlled?

Family Managers and Guardians can set up and manage: 

  • Access to age rated games, movies and video streaming, DVD and Blu-rays based on their age ratings.
  • Online access, including use of the PS4 web browser, communication with other players and viewing or sharing user generated content content.
  • Monthly spending limits and payments made via the family manager’s PSN wallet.
  • Use of PlayStation VR.
  • The amount of time each family member account can play each day, and the specific day of the week and time of day that they can access their games – so you can schedule Play Time sessions for whenever suits you.


These controls can be tailored to each child family member’s account, and will apply to any PS4 console they sign in on – so you can help protect younger children from seeing things they shouldn’t, while older kids and adults can enjoy age-appropriate games and services.  

Stay in control on multiple devices

Family Accounts can be managed via your PS4 settings menu, or from our web portal on PC or smartphone.

Simply sign-in with your Sony Entertainment Network ID (the same details you used to create your PSN ID and your family manager account) and you can see what the children in your family have been playing, how long for, and the content they have permission to access.

Get started with Family Accounts

Whether you have a brand-new PS4 or want to set up Family Accounts on an existing console, follow our step-by-step guide and get started in minutes.


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