PlayStation™Network suspension for account debt

PlayStation™Network suspension for account debt

If your payment method has had a charge reversed on a PlayStation™Store purchase, this can result in your account being restricted from accessing PlayStation Network (PSN).

How can an account be suspended from PSN for a debt?

As a chargeback can indicate you suspect fraud or account take-over, we will suspend your account or console to protect it while we investigate. If there is no lawful reason for the chargeback (e.g. no legal right to a refund), your account will remain suspended until the debt is repaid.

How to regain access after a PSN suspension for an account debt

To resolve the issue, please contact us

How to prevent PlayStation Network debt suspensions

If you see a PlayStation Store transaction that you don't recognise, please contact us before reversing the charge in order to avoid an account suspension.

To help prevent unauthorised purchases, please secure your account by setting up Require Password at Checkout on PlayStation Store. If you are a family manager, you can enable spending limits on child accounts.

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