Switch between characters as this new story in the Trails series unfolds

Cross-Story system

This game introduces a Cross-Story system for the first time in the series, allowing you to switch between protagonists Rean, Lloyd and "C" at will as you progress through the story.

Each of their routes is divided into chapters, so you can freely switch from one route to another within the same chapter and play however you like.

Following each of their routes through to the end of a chapter will unravel the story further and let you continue on to the next chapter.

Launch simultaneous attacks with up to 10 characters!

Valiant Rage

An all-new attack and recovery technique has been added to the Combat Link System featured in the Trails of Cold Steel series! This advanced Combat Link command can be activated when you have 5 or more members in your party.

Once your party is large enough, you can spend Assault Gauge to launch either Valiant Attack, Valiant Heal or Valiant Arts.

Each of these does next-level damage or healing, which increases in line with the size of your party, including non-active members. Up to 10 party members can join in!

Cross-Story system with an unrivalled wealth of game content

True Reverie Corridor

Progressing with the main story unlocks the mysterious extradimensional space known as the Reverie Corridor. You can visit the Reverie Corridor whenever you like during the main campaign.

The Reverie Corridor is a vast, randomly generated multi-level dungeon. Clearing it lets you unlock and upgrade various elements.

And since party members from each main story route all gather together in the Reverie Corridor, it's the only place where you're free to mix and match party members from different routes.

You might even witness rare interactions between characters who don't directly encounter each other in the Cross-Story narrative.

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