Change your class in realtime with 'Daemons'

Kagachi can bind up to four Daemons at the same time and switch between them in real time during combat with one simple press of a button.

Unleash your Daemons for dynamic, action packed combat!

Each Daemon has a distinctive set of skills, a unique weapon such as a katana, spear, axe or scythe, and a different play style.

Switch Daemons in and out of combat strategically to gain an advantage over your foes.

Two worlds apart : 'The Living World' and 'Beyond the Veil'

Players may cross the Veil to freely travel between two worlds, the Living World and the Beyond.

While they may look alike, there are distinct differences between the worlds.

For example, some objects destructable in the Living World cannot be destroyed in the Beyond.

Players must understand the rules that apply to each world before undertaking the mission of a Watcher.

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