Over-the-Top Signature Shots Rock the Field. Soccer Like You've Never Seen

What's CAPTAIN TSUBASA without its charismatic roster's signature moves?

The title's unique amalgam of soccer and action gameplay allows for simple commands to trigger bombastic high-speed shots in realtime. These maneuvers have wowed fans throughout the years, and are set to deliver here too.

Expect to see your favorite faces and teams from the anime's Middle School Arc— even the International Junior Youth Tournament. Let your team soar to new heights of soccer action!

Go Online With up to Four Players, Taking on Rivals Across the Globe

In addition to local multiplayer, this title brings an explosive online multiplayer mode to the table.

Sharpen your skills and take to the world arena, unleashing super shots to wrest victory from rivals in all countries.

And with offline bouts allowing for up to four players, you and your friends are in for some frenetic multiplayer madness to remember.

Tadayoshi Makino's Orchestral Score Stokes Tensions on the Field

Video game music maestro Tadayoshi Makino (SpinSolfa) has produced a medley of orchestral masterpieces— a flawless fit with CAPTAIN TSUBASA'S classic sports anime experience.

Over eighty tracks inject vibrant energy into the field like never before.

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