Switching Characters is the Key

With a total of seven unique playable characters, each of them is characterized by their skills and combat abilities. It's not just a matter of having two characters in battle at once, because even when an ability is used, its effects will continue if you switch characters while it's active, allowing you to create incredibly powerful combos. When it comes to tackling tough bosses and traversing tricky stages, having characters available and knowing when to switch is the key to victory.

It's More Than Just Replaying

Curse of the Moon 2 puts together a classic-style action game experience with a lot of replay value. Stages are packed full of new strategies and hidden routes that can only be accessed by doing repeated playthroughs, and so multiple episodes that push the narrative forward are wrapped into the experience. It's a game that you will definitely want to play 'til the very end. 

Push the Game to Its Limits in 2 Player Co-op

Curse of the Moon 2 aims to recreate that classic style 2 player experience with the local co-op option. Player 2 can join the fray at any time during gameplay, so whenever Player 1 is having a rough time with a certain boss or just wants a battle buddy, Player 2 need not sit around and wait! Since players can interact with each other freely, put your minds together and create some truly outrageous and insanely powerful attacks and combinations to get through any obstacle. You can even play with friends over long distances using Remote Play.


The protagonist of Curse of the Moon 2 - a skilled swordfighter who detests demons and everyone involved with them. Zangetsu has the fastest attack of all characters and high HP, making him a strong, straightforward character. He can use ball-and-chain, magic charm, and demon essence sub weapons. Zangetsu can also acquire new techniques during the game.


A mysterious exorcist affiliated with the church. She detests demons and has been said to be tracking one in particular... Her main weapon is a spear capable of attacking vertically. She can use healing and revival subweapons to support her allies, and her versatile attacks and movement options make her capable fighter. Her speciality is bouncing on enemies to reach high places.

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