The PlayStation guide to sharing

Share your proudest gaming moments, your greatest creations and your highest scores with friends, family or the world.

How to share on PS5

Sharing great gaming moments

From those unforgettable wins to your proudest trophies - there's always a way to share your best gaming moments.

Taking screenshots

The DualSense wireless controller’s Create button is where it all begins when you want to save a screenshot, recent gameplay clip, or start broadcasting live (more on that later).

There are three different ways you can press the Create button: a short press will bring up the Create menu, double tap to save the last thirty seconds of your gameplay, while holding it down for three seconds to take a screenshot.

What you may not know is you can customise these button presses to suit you, with a useful option being to set up easy screenshots, so a short press will take a screenshot without bringing up the Create menu while you’re playing.

You’ll find this option in Settings > Captures and Broadcasts > Shortcuts for Create Button. 

Capturing video

By default, double tapping the Create button will save the last 30 seconds of gameplay on the fly – perfect for saving those I-can’t-believe-that-just-happened moments without interrupting your game.

Finding your lengthy killstreaks are getting cut short when you watch the clips back? Or have you got hours of extra footage taking up hard drive space when all you want are those wonder-goal moments?

For all non-steamed gaming content, you can easily change the length that’s saved by a double tap of the Create button to 15 seconds, 3, 5, 15 or 30 minutes, or 1 hour. These options can be found in the same place as easy screenshots (above) Settings > Captures and Broadcasts > Shortcuts for Create Button.

Sharing your screen with friends

Invite your friends to see whatever it is you’re playing – whether that’s showing them something like your technique for beating a tricky boss, or just to hang out.

Picture in picture mode goes even further: imagine hauling your TV over to your friend’s house, setting up alongside theirs and each booting up whatever you like.

You could take on a boss at the same time and see who comes off better, see who can set the fastest lap time, or get an advantage in a co-op game by seeing what each other’s doing.

Best of all? Your friends can watch you on the go. Screen share content can be viewed through the PlayStation App, meaning that friends can help out or check out your skills even when they're miles from their own PS5 console.

Broadcasting gameplay

Ever wanted to be part of the great cultural explosion in game streaming - in sharing your gaming experiences with the world? The good news is, getting started couldn’t be easier on PS5. Once you’ve downloaded the Twitch or YouTube apps and linked your accounts, you simply have to press the Create button and select Broadcast.

Go here for more details.

Where to share with PS5

Save, upload and post

Save your best moments for posterity and share them with the world via social media.

Sharing on social media

If you create a wonderful gameplay video, but never share it, does it even really exist? We’ll leave you to ponder that one, but fortunately on your PS5 console you can easily link your YouTube and Discord accounts (and Twitch for streaming) so you can share on the fly. 

You can also share images and videos directly from your smartphone using PS App. Access them using the Game Captures feature to upload directly.

View, save and share with PlayStation App

Let’s say you’ve just handily beaten your friend at your shooter/fighter/sports game of choice and you’d like that instantly saved to your phone for future sharing/bragging needs. PlayStation App has got you covered, and this can even happen automatically and be stored for 14 days (you can also save it from PlayStation App to keep it forever on your smart device).

Go here for details on how to set this up. 

How to edit images on PS5

Getting creative

Heighten great gaming moments with editing tools that let you add creative flare to what you share.

Edit with ShareFactory Studio

Did you know you can capture, edit and share gameplay clips all on your PS5 console? The free-to-download Share Factory Studio is your feature-packed editing suite, and it’s optimised for ease of use with the DualSense wireless controller.

There’s even a simplified feature called Bits that offers a quick way to personalise gameplay clips without delving too far into the more technical aspects of video editing.

Experiment with photo modes

Photo modes are an artform. They’ve become increasingly popular in recent years, allowing you to freeze the action at any moment in a game and use tools that mimic real-world camera capabilities.

The limit really is your imagination. From action shots of your favourite characters to breathtaking vistas – think about composition, framing, adjusting lighting, points of focus and more.

It’s a new way to explore games and the endless hard work designers and artists put into creating them.

Horizon Forbidden West
The Last of Us Part I
Ghost of Tsushima

Horizon Forbidden West

Whether your subject is the incredibly detailed and lush environments, the photogenic machines, or Aloy herself, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to photography tools in Horizon Forbidden West.

Similar to the weather conditions in Ghost of Tsushima’s photo mode, with Horizon Forbidden West you can adjust the time of day – resulting in dramatic differences to the mood of your compositions.  

You can also press L3 in photo mode to have Aloy turn to the camera, so you can direct her attention where you want it for maximum impact. 

The Last of Us Part I

Joel and Ellie’s iconic journey across the shattered remains of the United States is filled with opportunities for artistic shots. They need not all be violent and bleak either; try capturing some of the tender moments brought to life by the detailed animations and performances from the lead characters.

The option to add up to three dynamic light sources is a revelation, allowing you to draw attention to your subject, cast shadows, and much more.

Check out some examples of what’s possible here.

Ghost of Tsushima

Way back in 2014, Sucker Punch Productions set a new standard for photo modes with superhero-caper inFAMOUS Second Son for PS4, so it’s only fitting they would do something groundbreaking with the photo mode in their next title, Ghost of Tsushima.

Standout features include the option to adjust weather conditions, along with environmental animations like the density of leaves drifting across the screen.

You can read about all the excellent features, and get some inspiration, here.

Privacy and security

Staying safe when sharing

Sharing should bring you joy, so do it with care, confidence and peace of mind.

Always be mindful...

Be sensible when you’re live streaming and never share any personal information or show anything that could identify you or where you live.

Don’t share anyone else’s details without their permission. That includes their voice, real name or PSN name if you’ve been playing online games.

Set up Parental Controls for younger players with our Family Management tools. More information on account security and safety can be found here.