What new features DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR'S CUT adds on PS5

DEATH STRANDING comes to PS5 with a variety of enhancements, expanded content and added missions, making Kojima Productions unique world more immersive. 

Expanded content

Firing Range

Before heading out on your deliveries, refine your weapon skills and learn how to use equipment and items in the all-new Firing Range. The Firing Range features a variety of drills that not only helps to elevate your skillset, it also features a mode that enables you to compete against other Porters for the highest score.

Racing Track

Select from the reverse trike, trucks or an all-new new roadster and test your driving skills on the Racing Track. You can also compete with other Porters in time-attack challenges for the best time. Can you make it to the top of the rankings?

New areas and missions

New areas, such as the all-new mysterious facility and added missions, offer more to explore and expand on the story. 

More immersive experience

Guides and hints that are introduced in the early part of the game have been re-adjusted to help ease the player into the world and offer an even more immersive experience. 

A technical leap forward

PS5 features

Choose from two graphics modes – performance mode with scaled 4K and up to 60fps or fidelity mode in native 4K* – both with HDR support*; enjoy stunningly clear graphics and advanced texture streaming.

DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR'S CUT offers a Widescreen Mode for an ultra-wide play experience, using the console’s standard 16:9 aspect ratio to display letterboxed gameplay equivalent to 21:9 aspect ratio.

*4K and HDR require a compatible TV or display.

Enhanced features

The haptic feedback of PS5 DualSense wireless controller enables you to experience more of the environment and weather. 

Moving through grass, rivers and snow, the world of DEATH STRANDING will feel more realistic. When making deliveries, whether you’re running for cover or combating enemies head on, you'll be able to feel resistance from the adaptive trigger directly in your hands (resistance levels can be adjusted in game options).

Tempest 3D AudioTech on compatible headphones

Feel surrounded by sound and listen to the world of DEATH STRANDING come to life with added 3D Audio sound effects (requires compatible headphones).

Transfer PS4 save data

Convert your PS4 save data and play from where you left off - you'll still have access to all the brand-new content introduced in DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT. 

BB Pod Customization

Complete a special mission to unlock the ability to customize your BB’s pod, giving a personalized look to your tiny companion’s cradle.

More freedom of gameplay

New actions, weapons and items

Sam’s skillset has increased, as you can now do actions such as jumping knee attacks, drop kicks and more. New weapons and equipment have also been introduced including the Maser gun, which can stun enemies, and a support skeleton, which can increase movement speed and enable you to carry more cargo. 

New ways to deliver

Cargo Catapult

The Cargo Catapult is a new structure that enables you to launch and drop cargo to remote areas. This structure aids you in making safer deliveries as you can avoid dangerous areas, drop cargo at higher points on mountains ahead of climbing, and more.

Jump Ramp

Create more efficient delivery routes with the new Jump Ramp structure. This new structure not only enables you to jump over larger crevasses, but you can also perform tricks whilst in the air as well.

Buddy Bot

Bring your Buddy Bot online through the chiral network to help you carry more cargo, as well as gather materials and deliver to structures. Buddy Bot can also carry you to the nearest facility.

Chiral Bridges

The Chiral Bridge is a structure that can be constructed in narrow terrains and elevated areas, where a normal bridge cannot be built, allowing you to explore new, previously inaccessible routes. 

More gameplay elements

More gameplay elements

Boss Battle Challenge

Revisit all the boss battles to discover more creative and effective ways to conquer and defeat them. You can challenge them as much as you like. 

Ranking system

A new ranking system has also been introduced to the firing range, boss battles, racing tracks, and a few select missions as well. Compete against other Porters to make it to the top of the rankings.

New music tracks

New music from musical artists Woodkid, Biting Elbows, Midge Ure, and Apocalyptica, have also been introduced to elevate the mood and tension in DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT. 

The new tracks not only play during missions, you can also listen to them in the private room or customize the track to play in your structures. 

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Digital Deluxe Edition

  • New in-game suit colours
  • New in-game power glove colours
  • New in-game BB Pod options
  • New in-game backpack patches
  • Digital mini art book + OST app
  • Avatar set

DEATH STRANDING Standard Digital Edition (Simplified Chinese, English, Korean, Traditional Chinese)

  • DEATH STRANDING Digital Full Game

DEATH STRANDING Digital Deluxe Edition (Simplified Chinese, English, Korean, Traditional Chinese)

  • DEATH STRANDING Digital Full Game
  • Gold “Ludens Mask” Sunglasses
  • Gold Power Skeleton (In-Game Item)
  • Gold All-Terrain Skeleton
  • Gold Armor Plate (Lv. 2)
  • Complete Avatar Set
  • Music album, making of video (digital)
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