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Within Sony Interactive Entertainment PlayStation Studios', JAPAN Studio is SIE's oldest first-party studio, dating back to the very birth of PlayStation itself. Established in 1993, the studio's internal development teams, along with a number of external collaborators, have been behind some of PlayStation's most ground-breaking titles.

Priding itself on creating games which defy industry conventions, JAPAN Studio has consistently sought new styles of gameplay in the titles it produces, putting innovation, experience and quality at the heart of what they do. This core philosophy has driven two decades of industry-leading game development and inspired numerous critically-lauded titles.

Spanning four hardware generations and six consoles, JAPAN Studio has delivered some of PlayStation's most iconic handheld and home console titles, including ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, The Last Guardian, Bloodborne, Hot Shots Golf (Everybody's Golf), Gravity Rush, KNACK, Freedom Wars, Puppeteer, Soul Sacrifice, LocoRoco, Ape Escape and ASTRO BOT: RESCUE MISSION.

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