Accolades on PS5 consoles

How to give an accolade on PS5 consoles

Find out how to send an accolade and how to check your accolades on PlayStation®5 consoles. 

What are accolades on PS5™ consoles?

Some online multiplayer games let you give feedback to people you play with. Had a positive experience playing with someone online? Show them your appreciation by sending them an accolade.

How to send an accolade on PS5 consoles 

  1. After you finish playing an online multiplayer match, follow the instructions on the screen.
    The Give Accolade screen appears. 
  2. Choose a player to send an accolade to. Select an accolade to send.
  3. Your accolade is sent. 
  • You can send an accolade to only one player per match.
  • Accolades are sent anonymously. 
  • You can't send an accolade to the same player more than once within a 12-hour period. 
  • You can't send accolades to your friends or players you've blocked.

How to check your accolades on PS5 consoles 

  1. From the home screen or the control centre, select your profile picture and then select Profile
  2. Choose Accolades
  3. See how many of each you've received—Helpful, Welcoming, Good sport and Leader. 
  • You can view other players' accolades from their profile screen. 
  • To change accolade notification settings, go to the home screen and select Settings > Notifications.

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